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high-density data center

The traditional data center adopts the air supply method under the floor. Each cabinet is equipped with 1-2 air outlets. The air output of each air outlet is 500-800m3/h. Calculated based on the temperature difference between the supply and return air of 12°C, the maximum cooling capacity of a single cabinet air conditioner is 3kw-5kw cannot solve the heat dissipation problem of high-density servers, and it is difficult to meet the heat dissipation of high-density cabinets with a single cabinet above 5kW.

The modular data center adopts the scheme of horizontal air supply and closed cold/hot aisle of the inter-row air conditioner. The air supply and return air are all in a small range, and the airflow organization does not interfere with each other. Several cabinets are considered as a cooling unit, which can greatly improve the cooling efficiency. The inter-row air conditioner can directly send the cooling capacity to the server cabinet through point-to-point precise cooling, which ensures the support for the cooling capacity of the high-density data center and supports the power of a single cabinet. Up to 11kW or more.

Shanghai Huijue is committed to becoming a leader in the network connection industry

At present, cabinets have become an indispensable product in the computer industry. Various styles of cabinets can be seen in major computer rooms. With the continuous breakthrough of the computer industry, the functions embodied by the cabinets are also increasing. Cabinets are generally used in network wiring rooms, floor wiring rooms, central computer rooms, data computer rooms, control centers, monitoring rooms, monitoring centers, etc. Today we focus on the basic types and structures of server cabinets.

Shanghai Huijue is committed to becoming a leader in the network connection industry

Proper layout of rack space is also very important to ensure proper temperature and enough cool air in the rack. The goal of proper rack layout is to control air circulation, that is, to avoid mixing of cold air with hot air before it reaches the equipment intakes. The solution to this problem has a wide range of applications.

Unreasonable equipment installation location, especially the installation location of high power density equipment, may significantly increase the working pressure of the computer room. High load density clusters occur when high load density, high power servers are combined into one or more cabinets. This situation can cause a hot spot in the data room and require the operator to take appropriate action, such as lowering the air temperature set point.

Network control cabinet

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The first thing we should do before installing the network cabinet is to plan the space.

The purpose of this is to achieve better heat dissipation and protection of facilities. The distance between the front and back of the network machine and the wall or other facilities should not be less than 0.8 meters, and the clear height of the computer room should not be less than 2.6 meters. Reasonable site planning before network cabinet installation is very important to reduce the possibility of rework. After the network machine is installed and fixed, the cabinet accessories can be installed directly.

For the Huijue network data center solution, place the cabinet in a pre-planned location, then confirm the front and back of the network cabinet and align its feet with the corresponding foot positioning marks. idc managed cabinet? The rooms that require air conditioning in the computer room of the electronic information system should be arranged in a centralized manner, and the rooms with similar indoor temperature and humidity requirements should be arranged adjacent to each other.

The setting of the heating radiator in the main computer room shall be carried out in accordance with the standards in Appendix 1 according to the grade of the computer room of the electronic information system. If a heating radiator is installed, there should be detection and alarm measures, and a shut-off valve should be installed to automatically cut off the water supply when water leaks.

Non-combustible materials or non-combustible B2 grade materials should be used for the insulation and sound-absorbing materials and adhesives of the air ducts and pipes in the computer room of the electronic information system. Cold surfaces need to be treated with air insulation. When the air supply under the raised floor is used, the space under the raised floor should consider the space occupied by the trunking and fire-fighting pipelines.