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Graphical description of the configuration of integrated wiring cabinets

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Introduction to the parameters of the integrated wiring cabinet:

Width: Standard network cabinets are 600mm wide and 800mm wide. Both sizes can be installed at 19 inches. 800mm wide is often used in situations where there are many cables .

Depth: Commonly used depths are 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 960mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm.
Height: from 6U to 47U, commonly used are 32U, 37U, 42U, 47U, of which 42U is commonly used, about 2000mm.

In recent years, with the continuous popularization and development of electronic devices, there are more and more types of electronic devices and different sizes. The size of the electronic equipment affects the size of the enclosure cabinet. Because the chassis cabinet is usually used to store electronic equipment. The size of the electronic equipment is different, and the size of the selected cabinet is also different. Generally speaking, the size of a one-meter standard network cabinet is 600mm*600mm*1000mm. The size of a server cabinet generally requires a relatively high depth, so we usually rarely see a one-meter server cabinet. The height of the network cabinet is generally 2000, 2200mm, 2600mm. For the height of the downwind cabinet, it is generally better not to exceed 2200mm. The width of the network cabinet is generally 600mm, but in special cases, we also choose 800mm. For its depth, we generally use 1200mm , 1100mm, 1000mm is generally better than 1100mm for the depth of the lower inlet, but generally less than 1100mm for the forward wind network cabinet. The dimensions of different types of chassis cabinets are also different. It is very important to choose the appropriate size of the chassis and cabinet according to individual needs to avoid insufficient resources or waste of resources.

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sub-distribution frame (stainless steel and cold plate)
unit is divided into 8 systems/16 systems/20 systems
. Features: Installed on a 19-inch rack, it can be rotated freely to facilitate wiring
. Function:
Wiring function: same rate, same Impedance, the same direction, and the connection mode that constitutes a communication link between receiving and sending on the digital distribution frame.
Jumper function: the same speed, same impedance, same direction, the way of interconnection between any receiver and any sender on the digital distribution frame.
Transfer function: the same speed, same impedance, different directions, the way of interconnection between any receiver and any sender on the digital distribution frame.
Test function: The line sequence is clear, which is convenient for detection or self-loop test.
Main technical indicators:
Working temperature: 5°C-40°C,
Relative humidity: ≤85% (30°C)
Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa-106KPa Indicators:
Characteristic impedance: 75Ω
Working rate: 2Mb/s, 8Mb/s, 34Mb/s, 14Mb/s, 155Mb/s.
Contact resistance: > Outer conductor ≤ Ω Inner conductor ≤ 10mΩ
Insulation resistance: > 10000mΩ (500VDC for 1 minute), no breakdown, no arcing.
Crosstalk defense between loops: ≥70dB (50KHz-233MHz).
Insertion loss: ≤ (50KHz-233MHz). Pull-off force: >50N
Connector life: ≥1000 times
Integrated wiring cabinet product features:
Rack dimensions:
height X width X depth = (2600/2200/2000) mmX600mmX (600/800/900) mm;
Machine The frame is integrally welded and formed, and the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying;
The column in the frame is designed according to the 19-inch standard and can move back and forth; the frame is equipped with a support plate and a power board, which can flexibly install 19-inch rack equipment and active equipment;
●The front is a glass door or mesh steel door, with a large viewing area; the back is a mesh steel double door;
●There is a good protection ground and work ground system;
●There is sufficient wiring space, and the wiring is clear and organized.
Product Features
Energy-saving heat dissipation design: the airtight cabinet, through the surface of the outer wall of the cabinet, adopts natural heat dissipation to achieve “zero” power consumption heat dissipation.
Super quiet design: The fully enclosed design not only improves the reliability of the equipment, but also achieves a good sound insulation effect. The average noise is 10dBA lower than that of the industry, which provides greater flexibility for site selection.
Convenient site installation: supports installation methods such as wall hanging, pole holding and cement foundation, and has low requirements for site selection; the integrated structural design integrates business equipment, MDF, ODF, power distribution equipment, batteries, battery heating plates, Enhanced cooling modules and cabinet fans, etc., can be easily and quickly installed on site.
1 The basic working conditions
conform to YD/T 1537-2006 “General Requirements for Outdoor Cabinets for Communication Systems”.
2 Ambient temperature
Working temperature range: -10°C ~ 45°C;
Storage temperature range: -40°C ~ 70°C.
3 Relative humidity
Working relative humidity range: ≤95% (40°C±2°C);
storage relative humidity range: ≤95% (40°C±2°C).
4 Atmospheric pressure
Atmospheric pressure is 70~106kPa.
5 Power supply
1 AC power supply
voltage: 220±20%;
frequency: 50±2Hz.
2. When the rated voltage of the DC power supply
is +24V, the voltage variation range is: 21~29V.
When the rated voltage is -48V, the voltage variation range is: -40~-57V.

Operating products:

FTTX/FTTH fiber-to-the-home series: fiber quick connector, cold connector, PLC optical splitter, fiber desktop box, fiber optic panel, fiber optic flange, leather cable, fiber optic corridor box, fiber optic fiber distribution box, fiber optic cable terminal box etc.

  1. Main distribution series (MDF): 25-circuit line protection arrangement, 32-circuit line test row, 100-circuit line protection arrangement, 128-circuit line test row, 192-circuit line broadband module, 256-circuit line broadband connection module, various types of security units , alarm, main distribution frame (cabinet)
    2. Optical distribution series (ODF): fiber optic adapter, splice tray, six card strips (accessories), fiber optic jumpers, pigtails, ODF distribution boxes, fiber optic panels, Terminal box, optical fiber distribution unit, optical fiber distribution frame (cabinet), etc.
    3. Digital distribution series (DDF): Siemens digital distribution frame, coaxial connector, etc.
    4. Integrated wiring products: network distribution frame, cable management frame , 110 jumper frame, super category 5, category 6 module, information panel, card connection module, cologne module, stainless steel back frame, junction box, network and communication tools, etc.