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Fiber-to-the-Home Home Cabling

Whether it is a hardcover house or a rough house, after handing over the house, we will find a box of low value on the wall , which says “multimedia junction box” or “multimedia information box”. place. According to national standards, new houses need to be equipped with weak current boxes. For example, network cables, telephone lines, TV closed lines, etc., all belong to multimedia lines. The weak current box is the starting point for home multimedia lines to enter the home – the network cables arranged in our home also start from the weak current box.


The multimedia information box is mainly a new intelligent box integrated with the weak current line system. It is widely used in link distribution of broadband, telephone, computer, TV and other lines in family and hotels. The interior adopts modularization and flexibly installs cable TV modules, RJ45 modules, monitoring modules, hubs, etc.

Fiber-to-the-home information boxes, multimedia information boxes, and home information boxes are specially designed for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), and can be compatible with OUN equipment from most equipment manufacturers, such as Huawei, ZTE, and FiberHome. Fiber-to-the-home information boxes can be divided into basic type and extended type according to the configuration. The extended type can be installed with voice modules, data modules, routers, etc. on the function expansion panel. Meet the total integration of household weak current business projects. It is the future direction of multiple weak current services in the family. The panel of the cabinet can be made of cold-rolled steel plate or plastic.

Widely used in smart home, smart building, building intelligence, smart electrical, weak current engineering, system integration, smart community, building automation, building intelligence, building electrical, building electrical appliances, integrated wiring , home wiring, network wiring, intelligent wiring, wiring system, wiring world, home local area network, home network, home decoration, home decoration, home decoration, home decoration, intelligent home appliances and other engineering projects. It is mainly used for the unified management and distribution of household weak current signals, including network, telephone, TV, security and other weak current wiring, mainly to avoid the interference of weak current signals by strong electricity and improve the quality of family life.

The advantages of using multimedia information boxes in family houses:

  1. Unified wiring management of household weak current signal lines is beneficial to the overall beauty of the household;
  2. The strong and weak electricity are separated, the eddy current induction generated by the strong electricity wire will not affect the weak electricity signal, and the weak electricity part is more stable;
  3. It is more convenient for independent management of weak current wiring.
  4. For real estate manufacturers, it costs very little to increase the selling point of the house, which is convenient for residents and also conducive to real estate sales.
  5. The information age is conducive to accelerating the popularization of fiber optic households by the State Council and realizing the integration of three networks.