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Fiber to the home box is designed for fiber-to-the-home

Fiber to the home box is designed for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and can be compatible with OUN equipment from most equipment manufacturers. .

Compatible with OUN equipment from most equipment manufacturers, such as Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, etc. The fiber-to-the-home information box can be divided into basic type and extended type according to the configuration. The extended type can install voice modules, data modules, routers, etc. Meet the total integration of household weak current business projects. It is the direction for the access of multiple weak current services in the family in the future. The box panel can be made of cold-rolled steel plate or plastic. Features: Fiber to the home information box supports ONU, battery backup, power adapter, fiber adapter and other integrated installation. Centrally manage telephone lines, network cables, optical jumpers, and beautify the indoor environment. Each functional area should be relatively concentrated and meet the following requirements: ① Home communication terminal area: meet the space requirements for the installation of ONU and other home terminal equipment. ② Optical fiber terminal area: the area that meets the requirements of optical fiber splicing (cold splicing or fusion splicing). ③Equipment expansion area: space for installation of various information panels and expansion modules (equipment). ④Other spare accessories: place a tag on the upper part of the chassis door (to facilitate the identification of the chassis number by each user), power sockets and other accessories.

Weak current signal distribution and transfer function modules such as video intercom, look a lot, very messy, very complicated, all installed in the optical fiber information box is compatible with the overall indoor environment, beautiful, and unified management can facilitate management and future troubleshooting. Optical fiber information box, you can choose to replace it yourself. The above three points are the most fundamental reasons for the use of optical fiber information boxes in the home.HUIJUE reminds you that in this optical fiber era, you should also know more about the knowledge of optical fiber information boxes. If you need optical fiber information boxes,HUIJUE can provide them here. Weak current box products can no longer take the Shanzhai road. Weak current box products have been expanded as the electrical industry. After adjustment in recent years, after winning the EU’s “anti-dumping” negotiation, and relying on my country’s continuous policy support in 2012 and 2013, signs of improvement began to appear in the second half of this year. In particular, with the recent increase in the demand for the national grid.

The main products are:

  1. General distribution series (MDF): 25-circuit line security arrangement, 32-circuit line test row, 100-circuit line security arrangement, 128-circuit test line, various types of security units, alarms, main distribution frame (cabinet)
  2. Integrated wiring products: network distribution frame , cable management frame, 110 jumper frame, super Category 5, Category 6 modules, information panels, snap-in modules, stainless steel back frames, junction boxes, network and communication tools, etc.
  3. Optical distribution series (ODF): optical cable transfer box, optical fiber distribution box, optical cable splice box, optical cable terminal box, ODF optical fiber distributionframe, monitoring box, triple network integration box, MODF optical fiber main distribution frame, optical fiber adapter, Fiber splice tray, six-position clips (accessories), fiber jumpers, fiber pigtails, ODF distribution boxes, fiber panels, fiber desktop boxes, fiber quick connectors, terminal boxes, fiber distribution units, fiber distribution frames ( cabinet) etc.

Fourth, digital distribution series (DDF): digital distribution frame, coaxial connectors, etc.