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Fiber Splitter Features

Optical fiber splitter is an optical splitter (also called optical splitter), which is used to realize the splitting and combining of light wave energy. It distributes the light energy transmitted in one optical fiber to two or more optical fibers according to a predetermined ratio, or combines the optical energy transmitted in multiple optical fibers into one optical fiber.

  1. Common fused taper (FBT) optical splitter
  2. 1×2 single-mode single-window fused taper FBT stainless steel tube encapsulated fiber coupler 900µm bare fiber
  3. 2×2 single-mode double-window fused taper FBT fiber coupler 900µm loose tube fiber FC APC
  4. 1×N single-mode three-window fused taper FBT stainless steel tube encapsulated fiber optic coupler, no connector
  5. 1×2 Multimode OM4 Single Window Fused Tapered FBT Stainless Steel Tube Package Fiber Coupler 900µm Bare Fiber
  6. 1×2 Multimode OM1/OM2 Double Window Fused Tapered FBT Fiber Coupler 0.9mm/2.0mm/3.0mm-ABS Cassette
  7. Common Planar Waveguide (PLC) Optical Splitter
  8. 1×4 250μm bare fiber PLC planar waveguide optical splitter
  9. 1×8 PLC Planar Waveguide Optical Splitter Standard LGX Cassette SC/APC
  10. 1×2 PLC Planar Waveguide Optical Splitter ABS BoxType 2.0mm
  11. 1×16 PLC planar waveguide optical splitter with splitter
  12. 1×2 PLC planar waveguide splitter 1U 19″ rack mount

Fiber Splitter Features:

v Use of single/multimode fiber and polarization maintaining fiber

v Multi-port design, the length and diameter of the fiber optic cable can be customized

v Multiple split ratios from 1:99 to 50:50

v The packaging method is divided into tube type and box type, there are two types of fused taper (FBT) optical splitter and planar waveguide (PLC) optical splitter

v Terminated connectors are available in PC, UPC and APC grinding methods

v Can terminate FC, SC, ST, LC and MU connectors

With the wide application of FTTH network, in order to serve more users, the demand for the number of optical splitters of optical splitters is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the PLC optical splitter has become a more popular optical splitter in FTTH applications due to its advantages of large number of branches and uniform light splitting.