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Exhibitor experience in power products exhibition

The 2022 Xi’an Power Supply Exhibition was successfully held in Xi’an on August 13-16 , 2022 . During the exhibition, Gong Huagang, the product manager of Shanghai Huijue Power Supply Co., Ltd., visited the exhibition in person to learn about the latest power supply products and technologies, accessories and terminals, lock the frontier of industry development, understand the power supply industry, grasp the new direction of the industry, and open up new power supply product markets. The main products visited are: switching power supply, inverter power supply, AC regulated power supply, DC regulated power supply, DC/DC power supply, regulated power supply, communication power supply, module power supply, frequency conversion power supply, UPS power supply, industrial control power supply, EPS emergency power supply , mobile power supply (portable power supply), power controller/driver, power supply, parameter power supply and other customized power supply products; special power supply equipment such as oil engine power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation, etc.

As a basic industry serving various fields, power supply is closely related to all sectors of the national economy. With the sustained and rapid development of China’s macro economy, the continuous improvement of social production and people’s living standards, and the gradual increase in the degree of social electrification, the power supply industry has maintained a steady growth in general, and its application fields have continued to expand. The development of power supply products also provides a very comprehensive platform and opportunities. At the same time, with the rapid development of emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, distributed photovoltaics, wind energy, LED lighting, IT communications, medical care, cloud computing, big data, and smart cities, the demand for power supply products in the whole society has shown rapid growth. Momentum, we believe that the next 10 years will still be the spring of the power supply industry.

Shanghai Huijue has also set up its own research and development team, and has very high expectations for the research and development of power supply products. During this exhibition, the product manager of Shanghai Huijue also met industry practitioners in the field of power supply applications at home and abroad, exchanged industry experience, and at the same time explored innovative business opportunities and communicated with customers face-to-face, so that professional customers can obtain one-stop solutions from Shanghai Huijue . Comprehensive solutions for power technology and products.

Shanghai Huijue always keeps up with new developments in the power supply market, pays attention to national industry policies, and strives to make better power supply products .