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Equipment room Integrated monitoring system Intelligent cabinet functions

Choose the advantages of the computer room integrated monitoring system




Customers will pay more attention to the operating environment of the computer room, and carry out more stringent testing and management control on the construction of the computer room. Especially for customers with several subsidiaries, and already built a local area network natural environment, to maintain the centralized monitoring of the whole system will further improve the scientific research and maintenance level of the computer room.




The working time of the computer room is basically continuous, maintain 24 hours do not shut down. With the development of IT technology, the core concept of computer room integration should be born, and become the main trend of the development of computer room in the future.




Why does the Equipment Room need an integrated monitoring system?




Outdoor machine room computer room of weak current integrated monitoring project of basic construction, the content of the natural environment construction, machinery and equipment for machine room, the service project requirement and management mechanism and so on four basic elements and their relationships are optimized combination, which provides a smooth solid, reasonable investment, high efficiency and convenient, comfortable safety of computer room environment.




From the specific application situation of some big data centers, the management advantages of the integrated monitoring system in the computer room have already been reflected, and it can help customers deal with many problems of natural environment protection in the computer room. According to the centralized management service platform can manage the vast majority of systems in the computer room, greatly saving human resources and manpower and material resources.




Computer room Features of the outdoor computer room integrated monitoring system




The system has innovation, reliability, maintainability, expansibility, APP and small program, 3D display, strong function, multi-management authority and other functions, to help you monitor the whole machine room.




The cabinet is just a carrier of the network equipment and server in the data center room. So, with the development of the data center along the way, the use of the cabinet in the data center room is changing? There is. Some manufacturers that focus on computer room products have endowed cabinets with more functions according to the development status of data center computer rooms.




Data center equipment rooms have high requirements on the running environment and security of cabinets. In outdoor equipment rooms, cabinets equipped with intelligent systems are required to meet related requirements. The main intelligentization is reflected in the diversification of monitoring functions:




(1) Temperature and humidity monitoring function




The temperature and humidity detection devices are installed in the smart cabinet system, which can intelligently monitor the temperature and humidity of the internal environment of the regulated power supply system and display the monitored temperature and humidity values on the monitoring touch screen in real time.




(2) Smoke detection function




By installing a smoke detector in the smart cabinet system, the fire control status of the smart cabinet system can be detected. When an abnormal situation occurs in the smart cabinet system, the related alarm status can be displayed on the display interface.


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