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Enable digital innovation to win the future, Fiberhome intelligent optical access network for the development of the industry into new momentum

Recently, the 22nd OptiNet China Webinar was successfully held in Beijing with the theme of “Wisdom and simplicity help all Things Connect with Light”. Li Rui, director of market planning of Fiberhome Communications broadband service output line, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech on the topic of “smart optical access network technology innovation and practice”.


At present, the wave of digitalization is sweeping the world, and the new era of Internet of everything is coming. Optical access network (OPN), as the foundation of digital connection optical network, is the infrastructure to realize the interconnection of various terminal devices. Its application scenarios are gradually extending from family to government, enterprise, park and industrial fields. As a senior expert in the field of broadband access, Li Rui elaborated the evolution direction of optical access technology, technological innovation of Fiberhome intelligent optical access network and practice of promoting the development of digital transformation from the needs of various new technologies, new scenarios and new applications for broadband network in the digital economy era.


Leary believes that optical access technology will evolve in four directions, such as ultra-high broadband, extremely low delay, network self-intelligence and ubiquitous application, enabling the upgrading of thousands of lines and industries.




Ultra-high bandwidth


With the development of digital technology, emerging services represented by 8K video, Cloud VR and holographic interaction continue to emerge, which puts forward higher requirements for network broadband and drives the evolution of PON access network from 10G to 50G and even higher rates. Leary believes that in the early stage of the 50 Gbit/s PON deployment, there will be a large number of 10 Gbit/s PON terminals on the live network, and the 50 Gbit/s Combo PON with downward compatibility will become the mainstream.


As the mainstream PON technology and equipment manufacturer, Fiberhome 50G PON technology research has always been in the forefront of the industry. At present, Fiberhome has successfully completed the first live network pilot of 50G Combo PON in China, which has laid a good foundation for accelerating the commercial use of 50G PON, promoting network smooth upgrade and realizing ultra-high bandwidth.


“While accelerating the research and development of PON technology, Fiberhome launched the FTTR all-optical networking scheme in order to help more users truly enjoy the gigabit network experience. Through a fiber into the home, the whole house to achieve gigabit network coverage; One-step networking to realize Wi-Fi zero-sense roaming; A set of tools to achieve five-star wiring.” Leary believes that from the network side to the user side, the beacon light access network can provide ultra-high bandwidth, tamping the intelligent optical network all optical base, will promote the accelerated development of new services.


Extremely low latency


Digital transformation has promoted the development of applications in emerging industries such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet. Compared with traditional network applications, these industrial applications have more stringent requirements on network quality indicators such as delay.


To meet the requirements of various delay-sensitive scenarios, Fiberhome uses a series of innovative technologies to achieve low-latency DBA and reduce the optical access network delay. Compared with traditional DBA, the maximum latency and average latency of low-latency DBA are significantly reduced. At the same time, OLT achieves the goal of reducing the latency of high-priority services by combining independent scheduling with hybrid scheduling. Through serialization technology innovation, beacon light access network can effectively reduce the delay, broaden the application scenarios of PON network, and provide a guarantee for promoting the digital transformation of the industry.


Network since the wisdom


With the continuous integration of broadband network with big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the construction of self-intelligent network has become the consensus of the industry. The three major domestic operators have all put forward the vision of realizing the automation and intelligence of network operation and management.


To realize network self-intelligence in optical access network, Leary believes that end-to-end network self-intelligence should be realized through the intelligent management of home network, ODN optical path, OLT office end and NMS side. On the home network side of the optical access network, the Beacon IOT management platform realizes the visible and manageable internal home network, which changes the traditional internal home network from black box to white box management. On the ODN optical path side, Fiberfire accurately restores the optical path topology through AI big data analysis, solves the problem that the optical path topology of ODN passive devices is not visible, and realizes the fast boundary of optical path problem. At present, the fault bounding accuracy of Fiberhome’s optical path topology restoration in Yunnan Mobile pilot is over 90%. On the OLT and network management side, a complete set of quality difference analysis scheme is formed through the built-in edge calculation board of OLT and the quality difference analysis module of network management, which significantly improves the recognition accuracy in the Dongguan mobile pilot.


Leary said that based on the innovative solutions of each node, from the local NMS side to the home network side, the intelligent management of beacon light access network will help operators accelerate the evolution of self-intelligent network.


Extensive application in


With the accumulation and innovation of PON technology, Fiberhome Communication all-optical access network is gradually extending from home applications to hotels, parks, hospitals and industrial fields, helping the development of thousands of industries.


In the hotel industry, Fiberhome has launched the “six in one” hotel optical gateway that integrates switch, router, PON access and other functions, as well as the fusion terminal that supports IPTV, Internet access and other “four in one” functions, realizing the hotel’s multi-service fusion bearing, gigabit network access and Wi-Fi seamless roaming. At present, Fiberhome All Light Hotel program has been successfully commercialized in Ramada and Hua Zhu Group’s chain hotels.


In the field of industrial manufacturing, relying on the minimalist network architecture, not only can one network simultaneously carry office, data collection and other services, but also greatly reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance. At the same time, the Type B/C networking mode reduces the protection switching time to within 50ms, and the on-site reliability is up to 99.999%. In addition, with the help of low delay-related technologies and the edge computing capabilities of the industrial gateway, the latency is reduced to 100us and the data acquisition efficiency is significantly improved. Fiberhome Industrial PON is being used in Millet Yizhuang factory, Jiumu Quanzhou factory, etc., to help enterprises with intelligent manufacturing digital upgrade.


At present, China has fully entered the digital economy era, and the application of digital technologies such as gigabit optical networks, 5G, artificial intelligence and smart factories has a profound impact on economic development. Fiberhome Communication will continue to innovate, work with partners to accelerate the application of smart optical access network in thousands of industries, inject new momentum for the development of the digital economy, so that the digital economy becomes a new engine for the high-quality development of the Chinese economy.