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Do I need a server cabinet?

Cabinet server? The demand for IT equipment in our country is on the rise, and the business of each data center is developing rapidly. It often happens that the existing configuration of the data center that has just been built and put into use cannot meet the demand within one or two years. The expansion of the traditional data center in the later period does not have installation or installation is very difficult. Large, resulting in repeated construction and large waste of investment. The modular data center mainly includes a series of power equipment with modular design, such as uninterruptible power supply, refrigeration system, rack and remote monitoring system, etc., and the related modules are combined through a simple interface to form a complete data center. center.

No matter what size the enterprise is currently in or what industry it is engaged in, it can customize the modular data center according to its own needs, and gradually expand the scale of the data center to meet more IT needs as business development demands. This means that enterprises can have several times the computing power in the future without any impact on the functionality or design of the existing data center. That’s what’s most charming about it.

At present, cabinets have become an indispensable product in the computer industry. Various styles of cabinets can be seen in major computer rooms. With the continuous breakthrough of the computer industry, the functions embodied by the cabinets are also increasing. Cabinets are generally used in network wiring rooms, floor wiring rooms, central computer rooms, data computer rooms, control centers, monitoring rooms, monitoring centers, etc. Today we focus on the basic types and structures of server cabinets.

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Server hosts, storage devices, and server cabinets should be arranged in partitions. Maintenance space should be reserved for hosts, storage devices, server cabinets, UPSs, air conditioners and other equipment according to product requirements, and the maintenance distance of adjacent equipment is allowed to overlap.

The clear width of the aisle between the equipment should not be less than 1203mm, so that there is enough space for installation and maintenance. The cold aisle of the computer room, the equipment entering the computer room in stages and the relative position of the reserved expansion equipment must not only conform to the process flow of the computer system, but also facilitate the entry and placement of expansion equipment and the connection of cables in the future.

Server Cabinet

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Computer room monitoring is mainly for centralized monitoring and management of all equipment and environments in the computer room. Application fields: hotel security intelligent integrated monitoring, building community network video monitoring (cold source system, air conditioning and ventilation system, elevator system, intelligent lighting, Centralized monitoring and remote management of drainage systems, etc.), computer room cold aisle, large data center monitoring (banking, insurance, postal services, taxation), small and medium computer room monitoring (government, finance, transportation, telecommunications, hospitals, various small and medium business computer rooms for education) (Data computer room), centralized monitoring of computer room networking, and (UPS/power distribution/generator/air conditioning/temperature and humidity/water leakage/wind speed monitoring) closed cold aisles in the computer room? Traditional data centers have serious mixing of cold and hot air, uneven temperature gradients, and local hot spots It is more serious, and the waste of energy consumption is more serious; the modular data center adopts the construction method of closed aisles, which effectively isolates the hot and cold aisles and avoids ineffective heat exchange.

Is the cold aisle in the computer room closed