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Difference between bundle jumper and ribbon jumper

  • Introduction of Optical Cable

ribbon cable are arranged in a row according to the color order and fixed in a ribbon shape . The ribbon optical fiber is an edge-bonded optical fiber with a flat appearance, like a flat cable . Applicable to the trunk line system of the metropolitan area network .

The bare optical fibers in the bundled optical cable are not arranged, and each bare optical fiber is independent of each other.

Second, the difference between optical cables

There is no substantial difference in the core of the two optical cables, the main difference is in the packaging method. Bundle optical fiber refers to the packaging of several single optical fibers in a bundle shape. Ribbon optical fiber is an optical cable that is processed by stacking several individual optical cables into ribbons and secondly sheathed optical fiber ribbons. This way of packaging The optical fiber cable can meet the needs of making large-core optical cable.

Three , the characteristics of beam jumper

Bundle jumpers have low insertion loss, high return loss , wide application range, good environmental stability , good waterproof and sealing fit , tensile, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and rat-proof. The advantage is that the color-coded connector can quickly identify the channel, bend Insensitive fiber polarity management is easy to integrate .

Fourth, the characteristics of the ribbon jumper

The first point of the ribbon fiber patch cord is the ability to save space , which can save up to 45% of space and 3 times the capacity of fiber optic trays. The second point of ribbon fiber jumper is to save cost and time. Ribbon fiber optic patch cords allow 12 fibers to be spliced together simultaneously, reducing labor time and cost. In addition, the ribbon fiber jumper allows more fibers to be accommodated in a smaller diameter fiber jumper, which meets the needs of high density and high bandwidth.

Five, the advantages of ribbon jumper


  • The scope of application of both

Bundle fiber optic jumpers are widely used in FTTH fiber-to-the-home access network, telecommunication network, local area network, fiber optic CATV and many test equipment manufacturers. It is realized by providing manageability, flexibility and scalability. Data center management at the physical layer.

Ribbon fiber jumper can be used in indoor FTTH network and indoor/outdoor point-to-point applications, and can also be used for interconnection and crossover applications of MTP fiber optic distribution boxes; 12-core ribbon fiber jumper is a ribbon fiber jumper One of the most widely used, 12-fiber ribbon patch cords can be easily terminated with simplex, duplex or MTP connectors such as LC or SC connectors .