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Design the UPS power supply for the power equipment monitoring in the equipment room

Power system monitoring in the equipment room monitors all power devices in the equipment room, such as high-voltage power distribution, low-voltage power distribution, diesel generator sets, power distribution cabinets, UPS, DC power system, and batteries.




(1) Power supply and distribution: The monitoring system in the computer room monitors the parameters of the main circuit and sub-circuit of the primary and secondary AC power distribution cabinets. Such as voltage, current, frequency, active power, power factor, reactive power, apparent power, etc.; Monitor switch status at all levels. Display and record the change curve of various parameters, and record and deal with the alarm state.




(2) Diesel generator set: The monitoring system of the machine room monitors the output voltage, current, frequency (speed), water temperature, oil level, oil pressure and other parameters of the generator set; Real-time recording and alarm processing of various states such as operating state of generator set and fuel valve in outdoor machine room; Control the start and stop of the generator set.




(3) UPS: When the UPS supplier provides the UPS communication protocol, the monitoring system of the computer room can monitor all parameters and states provided by the protocol. The parameters include input and output voltage, current, frequency, power, battery battery voltage, backup time, and temperature. The status includes the status of components such as rectifier, inverter, battery, bypass, and load. Display and record the change curve of various parameters, and record and deal with the alarm state.




(4) DC power supply system: the computer room monitoring system monitors the state of the input mains, battery voltage and its state, displays and records the change curve of battery voltage and battery temperature in the outdoor computer room, and records and handles all kinds of alarms in real time.




The modular UPS power supply in the machine room provides the solution system for the last 1 second of power guarantee for the industry; Ensure zero power switch of equipment and system, maintain data and customer service in normal and safe operation.




The uninterrupted operation of the terminal equipment provides power guarantee and improves the service of continuous efficiency of the system.




UPS power supply in the machine room ensures the safety of terminal equipment and system operation at a small cost, and reduces the cost of manual maintenance!




The UPS power supply can solve power grid pollution and interference factors such as voltage surge, voltage spike, voltage transient, noise voltage, overvoltage, undervoltage, voltage sag, outdoor equipment room frequency offset, power interruption. To sum up, in order to ensure the correct operation of the computer, in order to ensure the real-time control signal does not appear loss, in order to ensure the safe operation of equipment, people put forward more and more strict requirements on the quality of power supply. Modular UPS power supply as a protective power equipment, its performance parameters are of great significance, should be the focus of consideration when we buy.




Wide range of mains voltage input indicates strong utilization of mains power (reduce battery discharge). If the output voltage and frequency range is small, it indicates that the power supply can be adjusted and the output is stable. Waveform distortion rate is used to measure the stability of the output voltage waveform. Voltage stability indicates the stability of the output voltage when the UPS suddenly increases from zero load to full load.


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