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Description of MPO fiber optic jumper

MPO fiber optic jumper is composed of MPO connectors and optical cables. The MPO connector is a high-density multi-fiber connector. It is molded in MT ferrules using precision molds. It is used in high-density fields. The fiber type is usually OM3 multimode Fiber or OM4 multimode fiber. ETU-Link is here to introduce the MPO fiber optic jumper.

Description of MPO fiber optic jumper:

Compared with other connectors, the main features of MPO connectors are compact design and more jumper cores. MPO connectors are the same size as SC connectors, but can accommodate 12 or 24 fibers, so MPO can greatly save cabinet cabling space. The more common ones are 8, 12, and 24-core MPO jumpers, and the current maximum can reach the requirement of 144 cores. 40G MPO-MPO fiber optic jumpers generally use 8- and 12-core MPO multimode ferrules; 100G MPO-MPO fiber optic jumpers generally use 24-core MPO ferrules.

MPO fiber jumper structure:

MPO fiber optic connectors include optical fibers, sheaths, coupling components, ferrules, pins, dust caps, etc., and the pins are divided into male and female. The male connector has two PIN pins, while the female connector does not. The connections between MPO connectors are precisely aligned by PIN pins. When the connector is docked, the spring installed at the end of the ferrule will provide a push force to the ferrule to lock it with the adapter. There is a “key” on one side of the connector body, which is divided into “concave and convex”, which is used to limit the relative position of the connector, that is, P1, P2, etc. On the body side of the connector there is a mark called a “white dot” that designates the insertion side of the connector.

Generally, an optical link needs two optical fibers to complete the entire transmission process, and the polarity is the interconnection matching between the transmitting end (Tx) and the receiving end (Rx) at both ends of the optical fiber link. In ordinary wiring systems, connectors such as LC/SC are usually used, which can be easily matched, so there is no polarity problem. However, for pre-terminated, high-density wiring systems, such as MPO connection systems, polarity issues must be highly valued.

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Advantages of MPO fiber jumper:

  1. Provide 8 to 144 fiber optic connections
  2. Using 4, 8, 12, 24-core MPO connectors, miniaturization minimizes failures and reduces wiring space
  3. It can be smoothly upgraded from 10G to 40G and 100G network transmission, and supports the delay index of 100G transmission
  4. Various fiber specifications such as multi-mode OM3, OM4 and single-mode G652D, G657A2 can be selected according to different configuration requirements of users
  5. A new type of optical cable with a special structure of circular shape and small outer diameter is adopted to achieve a smaller bending radius of the main optical cable, making storage and laying convenient and fast
  6. Adopt dustproof, compressive and tensile protective sleeves at both ends, which can effectively protect optical cables and optical fiber connectors from damage during transportation and installation

The never-ending increase in bandwidth demand has also driven the development of fiber optic cabling infrastructure, and more and more MPO trunk cables have been put into use. ETU-Link can supply a variety of MPO fiber optic jumpers, with good optical and mechanical properties, stable transmission performance, high durability, high density, small diameter, small size, etc. Thank you for your support!