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Data Center Security “Reassurance” Complexity

With the increasing adaptability and dependence on globalization and digitalization, more and more enterprises and organizations choose to maintain their business operations in the form of digitalization, which has greatly increased the society’s requirements for data centers, because data centers The quality of the data will directly affect the normal operation of the enterprise, and it is a key factor to ensure the security of business data information.


Today, new technologies are still being developed continuously. Industries such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things are forcing traditional security maintenance to be updated and upgraded to support huge dynamic applications and workloads. , Nothing more than talking about the main two aspects of physical security and data security.


Physical security:


When an enterprise organization chooses to rent or host a server, they actually know very little about the data center environment where the server is stored. How big is this physical environment? How many devices are there? How tidy is the area? Wait, wait, the physical layout that seems to have “nothing to do with me” is actually a factor in judging whether a data center meets safety standards.


Speaking of the data center, many people know that its operation is continuous, so all cables, components, components, including electricity, should have sufficient redundancy backup. The purpose of this is that any small part of the fault can be quickly and timely discovered, so as to repair or replace it, so as to ensure the safety of the hardware, which is actually the most basic requirement of the data center.

From the perspective of security management, the infrastructure management system should be segmented, which is conducive to the work of operation and maintenance managers and more efficient security maintenance. The second is to carry out all-round security configuration from the power system, cooling data center system, fire protection system, and security system, especially cooling and security.

It seems very easy to achieve cooling effect in a small physical area. Installing an air conditioner can easily create a cold environment.

However, in the data center, there are many machines and equipment, and the continuous power-on of the server will also emit hot air. This heat should not be underestimated. It is precisely in consideration of this situation that the data center industry has been committed to innovating new cooling technologies, hoping to save energy while stabilizing the temperature and humidity fluctuations of the data center.


Data Center Complexity Adds to Cybersecurity Challenges


One of the management challenges facing government agencies is that data center environments have grown in complexity over the past decade. Workloads run on-premises, in public and private cloud data centers, and at the edge. This diversity creates greater security risks.


Many CIOs are understandably concerned about where to place critical workloads and want end-to-end security across environments. But the reality is that there are security risks at every layer of the data center stack. Hackers have realized this and have targeted the application layer, and are now further escalating their attacks on hypervisors, boot drivers, firmware, and even hardware.


While government agencies have been working to reduce the security risks of personal computers, they are beginning to realize that they need to turn their attention to infrastructure. Traditional data center protections, such as detection and isolation software, or perimeter controls, such as firewalls, are no longer sufficient. And by the time a problem is discovered, the damage has likely already been done.

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