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Data center intelligent security components to establish a chain of trust

During this epidemic, domestic offline businesses have been hit hard, while Internet traffic such as games and videos has increased significantly, and the demand for online office work and distance education has correspondingly increased, which has brought challenges to existing data centers. Some application servers have problems such as insufficient carrying capacity, decreased network transmission speed and stability, and operating companies urgently need to expand capacity.


Data centers can be divided into enterprise data centers (EDC) and Internet data centers (IDC) according to the objects they serve. The construction of an IDC requires high-speed Internet access bandwidth, stable and sufficient power supply, a constant temperature and humidity computer room environment, and real-time and effective centralized monitoring.


In the era of analog technology video surveillance, analog video surveillance can only meet the daily data center monitoring of the data center, without scalability. At this stage, civil air defense is an important means of data center security protection. With the maturity of digital video surveillance technology, digital video surveillance technology has opened a window for the diversified application of video surveillance, and provided the possibility for the construction of subsequent intelligent security protection systems. The data center uses IP Ethernet technology to build an independent digital security system. The network, in addition to satisfying daily security video surveillance patrols, has become the main means of future audit and evidence collection with “post-event video query”.


With the investment of the intelligent security system, the data center operation and maintenance system has realized the real-time linkage of personnel entry and exit information, personnel trajectory information, and population statistics information, remote real-time wireless intercom in multiple places, and real-time linkage of multi-site fire ring data center control information, etc. Function. At the same time, with the help of face recognition and other technologies, the physical data center has been built into a real-time three-dimensional transparent computer room. The effective combination of the intelligent security system and the infrastructure visualization platform has added practical assistants to the data center management of multi-location cloud centers.


In addition, at present, relying on inspection robots can stabilize video surveillance images in various complex environments, collect on-site sounds in data centers in real time, and provide accurate on-site real-time conditions for the security background. This is also the current data center that is actively exploring and adopting robot inspections. Automatic inspection technology and a full life cycle physical management system based on RFID radio frequency technology. The implementation of various intelligent and modern management methods will greatly improve the environmental management efficiency of the data center computer room, and save a lot of manpower and material resources in cloud center management.


Build a chain of trust


The chain of trust is the key to establishing hardened security from the first boot process, which begins with the Trusted Platform Module. TPM is stored in the machine’s chip rather than software, storing encryption keys specifically associated with the device itself. Establishing a root of trust means that every layer in the stack (boot, virtualization, library, service, and application) should be checked, proving the validity of each layer of the stack.


Until now, securing infrastructure and application stacks in this way has not been easy to achieve due to performance, complexity, and cost factors. However, such techniques and beliefs exist now.

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