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Data center heat dissipation and environmental construction selection cabinet method

The effect of heat dissipation in the computer room is closely related to the selection of cabinets and the placement of cabinets. The cabinets concerned are easily overlooked. At present, liquid-cooled (or water-cooled) cabinets are the most discussed topic, and a more accurate description is a cabinet with a liquid-cooled door.


High-density server deployment is inevitable for the construction and development of data centers, and the heat dissipation problems caused by this should attract great attention. A small cabinet contains a huge mystery.


The new generation of data centers is a hot topic today. Whether it is resource integration, virtualization, or green energy saving, automation, and security management, they are all hot topics in the industry.


With the construction of a new generation of data centers, the network, servers, storage and other basic equipment are further concentrated, which puts forward new requirements for the basic environment of the data center.

The data center takes blade server application as an example. It has the characteristics of high computing intensity, easy deployment, good management, green energy saving, etc., and is a good choice for data center construction. However, for the existing data centers, the power shortage and cooling requirements cannot meet the requirements, which hinder the promotion and application of blade servers.


Responding to Power Insufficiency


We have introduced before that the power configuration of the racks or cabinets in the existing data center is 10A (ampere), and 15 to 16 1U rack servers can be deployed at full load. For poorer data centers, the power configuration is only 6.8A, for blade servers.

A fully configured blade server requires about 10A of power. According to the current capacity of the data center, the 10A power configuration obviously cannot meet the needs of deploying more blade servers in the data center, and the contradiction of insufficient power is very prominent.

How to solve the problem of insufficient power supply, the easiest thing to think of is to start with capacity expansion. In fact, at the beginning of the data center or building construction, there is a certain calculation of the power capacity. Nowadays, increasing the power capacity requires the power sector to expand capacity, and involves the transformation of corresponding lines, switches and other equipment, which involves many factors and is also restricted by many factors.


Select the cabinet according to the mechanical requirements


The load-bearing selection criteria of the cabinet frame


Traditional network cabinets have a lighter load, while server cabinets have a larger load, so the load-bearing design is different, which needs attention. However, Delta fully understands customer service applications and special structural design, and integrates network cabinets and data center server cabinets into one, which can not only meet the requirements of server use, but also meet the needs of a large number of wiring.


Cabinet depth and width selection criteria


According to experience, when selecting the depth of the cabinet, 200mm should be added to the depth of the equipment.

For example, the HPProLiantDL165G5 server has a depth of 682mm. Add 200mm to 882mm. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a cabinet with a depth of at least 1000m. Note: Although the depth of the HPDL165G5 server is only 682mm, a cabinet with a depth of 800mm cannot be selected.

Although this HP server is less than 800mm deep, the 800mm deep cabinet does not provide sufficient space for the cable management and power distribution units installed at the rear of the cabinet.

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