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Data center computer room cabinet dust removal work information points

For the data center computer room, details determine the whole, so don’t underestimate the work of dust removal. Note: Do not use brushes that are easy to depilate, such as ordinary brushes, otherwise it is easy to damage the machine. Pay special attention to the dust removal of the power supply.


Set a reasonable dust removal cycle according to the specific conditions of the computer room, and clean the interior of the computer room, the exterior of the computer room, and the interior of the equipment in the computer room separately.

Taking a medium computer room as an example, the internal sanitation of the computer room should be cleaned every three days, and a thorough cleaning every half a month; the external hygiene of the computer room should be cleaned every day, and the dust absorption of the equipment should be checked every week. Cleaning is carried out once a month; every two years, the equipment and equipment in the computer room are repaired according to the actual use; every five years, the computer room and equipment are overhauled.


When dismantling and cleaning data center equipment, the first thing to do is to avoid damage to equipment caused by electrification. Before cleaning, you should wear anti-static clothing and wear anti-static rings and other equipment. To avoid live disassembly, it must be done when the power is completely cut off and the server is well grounded, even for devices that support hot swap, so as to prevent static electricity from damaging the device. For devices such as displays, discharge treatment should be done first.


The cabinet dust removal work of the data center computer room construction plan is because the equipment in the computer room comes from different manufacturers, and their designs are not the same. Read the instructions carefully, do not disassemble forcibly.


The cleaning of the equipment does not require complicated tools. For general dust removal maintenance, you only need to prepare a Phillips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, a paint brush or an oil paintbrush. Hair dryer, absolute alcohol, heat dissipation silicone oil, absorbent cotton balls, watch screwdriver, tweezers, leather tiger are also necessary tools. For simple maintenance, needle-nose pliers, test pencil, multimeter and other equipment are also needed.


Since the specifications and number of information points of large, medium and small computers are determined by the host equipment, wiring designers generally only collect the types and quantities of their information points, rather than planning their wiring. Therefore, the number of information points that are mainly discussed in cabling planning is mainly from server cabinets.


Before counting the number of information points, it should be explained that the number of information points on each server terminal network card/network blade will not be the same, so in this article only typical values or common data center values are selected. When designing the center, actual calculations should be made based on the technical parameters of the selected server (or the server that is likely to be purchased).


A cabinet for installing standard servers


The simplest server cabinet is to place desktop computers on pallets inside the cabinet. Among them, in order to improve the utilization rate of the cabinet, a simple host sharer (KVM) can be used to reduce the monitors, keyboards and mice of each computer to one set, or a high-end host sharer can be used to relocate the monitors, keyboards and mice to In the control room and operation room outside the main engine room.


Due to the relatively large size of conventional computer cabinets, usually only 4 to 6 servers can be placed in one cabinet. The number of information points for each server depends on the number of network cards, generally no more than 2 electrical ports and 1 optical port.

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