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Cooling equipment room layout requirements Basic cabinet type

The room where the refrigeration equipment is installed is called the refrigeration room or freezing station. Small refrigeration rooms are usually attached to the basement of the main building or the ground floor of the building. Larger refrigeration rooms, especially ammonia refrigeration rooms, need to be built separately.




  1. The refrigerator in the refrigeration room and the refrigeration and cooling water pumps associated with the refrigerator have high weight, high vibration and noise during operation, and are usually arranged in the ground floor or basement of the building. If it is a high-rise building with a group of rooms, the refrigeration room is best arranged in the basement of the podium building, and to do a good job of noise isolation, especially the vibration reduction problem of the water pump amount freezing and cooling water pipe hanger. The adjacent and upper rooms of the refrigeration room should be places with low requirements for noise reduction and vibration isolation.




  1. The refrigerator room should be equipped with air supply and exhaust equipment, so as to timely remove indoor waste heat and replenish fresh air. The temperature inside the equipment room must be no higher than 36 ° C. In the equipment room, outdoor noise reduction measures should be taken to prevent noise from being transmitted to the air-conditioned room or affecting the environment outdoors. The room should be equipped with artificial lighting, in the control switches and operating instruments around to have enough illumination.




  1. The refrigerator and the refrigeration and cooling water pump and other equipment supporting the refrigerator are large power users in the building. Their positions should be as close to the load center as possible, close to the low-voltage distribution room, and preferably set near the elevator.




  1. The floor slab for hoisting equipment such as freezing and cooling water pipes should have sufficient bearing capacity, and the problem of sound attenuation and vibration isolation should be handled well.




  1. The foundation of the chiller should be 150 to 200㎜ higher than the ground of the machine room. A drainage ditch should be set up around and on the base to communicate with the collecting pit or floor drain in the equipment room to discharge water leakage and oil that may occur.




The cabinet is usually made of cold-rolled steel or alloy steel and is used to store computers and related control devices. It can provide protection for the outdoor equipment room where the devices are stored, shield the devices from electromagnetic interference, and arrange the devices orderly and neatly for future maintenance. Cabinets are classified into server cabinets, network cabinets, and console cabinets.




The cabinet is usually made of cold-rolled steel or alloy to store computers and related control equipment. It provides protection for storage devices, shielding electromagnetic interference, and arranging devices orderly and neatly for future maintenance. Cabinets are classified into server cabinets, network cabinets, and console cabinets.




Common cabinet colors include white, black, and gray. (which is also divided into many types, such as orange, fine sand, etc.); Cabinets are divided by material, including aluminum cabinets, cold-rolled steel cabinets and hot-rolled steel cabinets. According to the processing technology, there are nine fold profile cabinets and sixteen fold cabinets.




The type of plate, coating material and processing technology determine the stability of the cabinet. Generally, the length of the outdoor equipment room is 600,800 mm, the width is 600,800,1000 mm, and the height is 42U, 36U, and 24U. Early cabinets are mostly made of castings or Angle steels connected by screws, rivets or welded into a cabinet frame, and then a cover plate (door) made of thin steel plate. This kind of cabinet is large, heavy, simple appearance, has been eliminated. With the use of transistors, integrated circuits and various components of the ultra-miniaturization, the cabinet structure also to miniaturization, building blocks direction. The cabinet has been developed from the whole panel structure into a certain size series of plug-in box structure. The assembly and arrangement of box and plug-in can be divided into horizontal arrangement and vertical arrangement. Cabinets are generally made of thin steel plates, steel profiles of various sectional shapes, aluminum profiles, and various engineering plastics. In addition to welding and screws, the frame of a cabinet is also bonded.


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