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Contributing to the construction of a civilized city

The beautification and renovation project of Jining Mobile optical communication box is an optical communication reconstruction project carried out by Jining Mobile to increase network capacity and improve customer satisfaction. This renovation project was initiated by Jining Mobile and undertaken by Huijue Network . It expanded and reconstructed the fiber optic cable transfer boxes on the main and secondary arterial roads in the city , and cooperated with the Jining Urban Management Bureau to paint the outside of the boxes , so that these once reduced urban The “hardest-hit areas” of psoriasis collectively “changed their faces” and became a beautiful landscape.

Painters draw cartoon patterns in the optical box

After preliminary preparations, Huijue Networks, with the cooperation of Jining Urban Management Bureau, completed the construction of more than 100 optical communication units that needed to be remodeled and beautified. In this beautification operation, in addition to replacing the dilapidated fiber optic cable transfer box with a new shell , the wall of the nearby old wall was also removed and painted with patterns, and the painted contents were all in the style of “civilized etiquette” With the theme of “traditional morality”, each cartoon is a story about “civilization and etiquette”. It is hoped that through this method, the city can be beautiful, and it can also play a role in publicity and education, killing two birds with one stone.