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connection of network equipment

Home broadband generally implements fiber-to-the-home. After fiber-to-the-home, how to pre-embed network cables, network cable selection, and connection of network equipment, etc., will be discussed in detail below.

  1. Network convergence point selection

The home optical fiber is generally located in the weak current box of the home. The weak wire space is small, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the equipment, and the metal material is used, which is not suitable for placing a wireless router. Only the light cat can be placed in the weak current box. It is recommended to select the aggregation node of the home network in the living room.

  1. Network cable deployment

The deployment of the home network needs to consider both broadband Internet access and IPTV cabling systems.

Pull at least two network cables from the weak current box to the living room, one of which is used to connect to the wireless router, and the other is used to connect to the IPTV TV box.

It is also necessary to pull two network cables from other rooms to the living room, one is used to connect the network equipment in the room, and the other is used as a spare or connected to the IPTV TV in the room.

3, the choice of network cable

At present, the commonly used super five and six types of network cables, can meet the needs of Gigabit network speed. If it is a new home decoration, it is recommended to choose a Category 6 network cable with better performance, and the network performance parameters are far better than the Category 5 super network cable.

Super Category 5 network cable and Category 6 network cable must comply with oxygen-free copper and 24AWG (Super Category 5), 23AWG (Category 6) standards, do not choose copper-clad aluminum network cable. Appearance, the six types of line skin have the “CAT.6” logo, and there are “cross skeleton” separation line pairs.

  1. Connection of network equipment

In order to achieve full coverage of home wireless WiFi, multiple wireless routers can be used to form a network, the main router is connected to the optical modem, and the cascaded routers are connected to the network as wireless switches.

If the family area is relatively large, you can consider using the AC+AP network, using the POE/AC router to connect the optical modem, and the AP panels in each room are connected to the POE/AC router, which can realize the wireless roaming function.


The weak current project is a very important part of home decoration. The network cable is a pre-buried project. If the early deployment is not in place, it will affect the later deployment of the home network. Especially with the rise of smart homes, it is particularly important to achieve full coverage of home wireless WiFi, which all depend on the previous network deployment.