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Connecting thousands of households from village to village

“Now that the Internet is up, children can take online classes at home, it is convenient to communicate with the outside world, and the special products of Shanhuo can be sold with a phone call, and the way to get rich is also broad. This is to build a bridge for our common people. , I am very excited,” the villager said happily.

Recently, the County Rong Media Center set up poles and cables in the remote mountain villages of the town, fused optical cables, installed equipment, and sent network signals to the depths of the mountains, so that the masses can truly enjoy the convenience brought by the information age. There are only a few villagers in the village. In order to allow them to enjoy the fiber-optic broadband access to the home, the local government actively communicated with the County Rong Media Center to connect the TV signal to the pole wiring in the village, and installed an optical fiber distribution box . , Connecting fiber optic broadband to every household. Now through the County Rong Media Center, the villagers have been provided with the Internet, and they can watch TV and play on the Internet. Everyone is very satisfied.


“Optical fiber distribution box ” belongs to the category of communication equipment, and is the terminal of optical cable, which is used for users to enter the home through optical fiber. The fiber distribution box is also called the fiber distribution box, the fiber distribution box, and the fiber distribution box . Optical fiber distribution box is composed of box body, internal structural parts and working unit, optical fiber active connector and accessories, etc. The plug-in optical splitter box is the most commonly used type of optical fiber corridor box. It is also a kind of fiber distribution box that Master Liao installed for villagers to use at home .


In addition to the plug-in optical splitter box, we can also provide fiber splitter boxes of different materials, different structures, and different sizes according to the environment of the mountain village and the different needs of customers . With low cost and reliable transmission, it can be built in remote mountainous areas of villages and towns Broadcast TV “Broadband Country”.


Right now, we are stepping up efforts to cooperate with the digital village project to provide villagers with optical fiber distribution boxes that meet various needs in a timely manner to ensure that the project can be completed on schedule.




Up to now, we have cooperated in the transformation of 16 administrative villages. Including 76 natural villages, more than 400 TV+broadband users and more than 200 fiber-optic TV users have been developed. It is expected that more than 1,000 fiber-optic network transformation tasks in Liushukou Town will be completed by the end of this year.