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Computer room bridge —— Paving the way forward for data

In recent years, the Internet economy is in the ascendant, and big data and cloud storage are booming. This has not only brought about the construction of a large number of large data centers, but more and more industries, such as banks, hospitals, power grids, government institutions, large enterprises, etc., have also begun to build their own internal computer rooms. The combination of grid trays, optical fiber channels, aluminum alloy cable trays, U-shaped steel cable trays and various accessories provides a comprehensive solution for the laying of strong current, weak current and optical fibers in the data center.



Grid bridge – every millimeter is a work of sincerity

The visual grid bridge realizes a more scientific and professional wiring method, and mainly builds a workshop that meets the requirements of modern industries. Especially suitable for food safety production bases. The closed structure of the traditional trough bridge leads to infestation of cockroaches, and it is difficult to clean after dust accumulation. The open grid bridge is anti-rodent and insect-proof, and meets the requirements of washable and dust-free production in food factories. It is the best choice for building a demonstration production base.




Aluminum alloy bridge – interpreting ingenuity with texture

With its unique texture and unique stripes, it expounds the unique charm and taste of the computer room. The straight stripes and reliable materials make the wiring more heavy, and the unique “aluminum alloy cutting technology” is used to help customers achieve a qualitative leap in the wiring of the computer room.

(1) In line with international standards, the width of the cable tray is 200mm-1000mm. The bridge of this width can ensure the reasonable distribution of cables in the computer room, and at the same time increase the aesthetics, optimize the wiring of the computer room, and provide a strong guarantee for the stability and efficiency of the communication in the computer room.

(2) The average weight per meter is more than 300KG. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, after strict load-bearing test, you can see it with confidence.

(3) There are many kinds and styles. It is divided into single-layer and double-layer, which can meet the needs of different computer rooms.

(4) Flexible and changeable, make a free bridge. The interval between the shelves of the aluminum alloy bridge is adjustable; generally 250mm-330mm; the hanging interval is 1.5m-2m. Whether it is a multi-strand fiber or a single-strand fiber, it can be passed through at will. The freedom of the bridge is to make the wiring of the equipment room more free.

(5) The installation is free and convenient. It can be installed on the ceiling, installed on the ground, and can also be used as a ladder. The racks can be assembled on site using common parts, which are quick to install, easy to expand, and beautiful in appearance.

(6) Adopt the international leading level of non-drilling installation mode: no need to punch, no special tools, just press and fix the cable, which is simple and convenient, thus saving a lot of labor and construction time.