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Communication switching power supply requirements

With the increasing number of communication base station sites, the requirements for the standardized use of communication switching power supplies are obviously important.

Whether it is a new communication base station or an existing communication base station, it is necessary to consider the rational use and operation and maintenance of communication switching power supplies, so as to ensure the entire The normal operation of the communication base station.

Choose a suitable installation location

It is necessary for the communication switching power supply to be installed in a good operating environment.

The installation environment must have good ventilation, keep away from water, flammable gases and corrosive agents, and keep the ambient temperature between 0 and 40°C. Water droplets may condense; in addition, the air ducts of the air inlet and outlet holes should be kept unobstructed.

Installation Precautions

ØWhen installing and connecting the input and output cables of the communication switching power supply, both the AC input switch and the DC output switch need to be disconnected, and safety needs to be paid attention to to prevent accidents caused by misuse;

ØWhen the load is connected to the communication switching power supply, the corresponding switch must be disconnected before wiring;

ØWhen installing the battery, first disconnect the switch on the communication switching power supply from the AC mains, and also disconnect the connection switch between the communication switching power supply and the battery pack.

ØUse a screwdriver with an insulated handle when installing, and do not place tools or other metal objects on the battery. At the same time, when connecting the battery cable, it is normal to generate small sparks at the joints, which will not affect personal safety and communication. Switching power supply is harmful. Never short-circuit or reverse the positive and negative poles of the battery.

Ø When replacing the battery, it is not advisable to replace it individually, it is better to replace it as a whole. In addition, it is forbidden to combine batteries with different amperage and different brands.

ØBefore energizing the communication switching power supply, it is necessary to select the appropriate cable diameter specification and appropriate switching capacity specification according to the load power, so as to avoid frequent tripping of the switch due to excessive load and fire accidents caused by cable heating caused by excessive current.

It is necessary to carry out safe power-on operation. First, check whether the entire power supply circuit connection is correct and intact. Second, use a multimeter to test whether the AC input voltage is normal. If it is powered on normally, observe the normal operation of the communication switching power supply.