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Communication power supply? Huijue UPS uninterruptible power supply – We have nearly 20 years of service experience in the power supply industry for communication equipment rooms, excellent technology, and perfect services. We provide complete solutions for equipment room cabinet supporting products for operators, ICT equipment manufacturers and other users.

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As the carrier of electrical equipment, outdoor cabinets must have excellent structural design, solid materials, and firm bottom fixing to meet the requirements of strong typhoons, strong rainstorms, and even strong earthquakes. At the same time, the cabinet should meet the requirements of anti-leakage, anti-short circuit, and anti-cutting to ensure the safety of outdoor cabinet equipment.

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The design of outdoor cabinets needs to take into account the influence of environmental factors. The outdoor weather changes in many stages, and the geographical location of the outdoor cabinets is also different. In the rainy area in the south, if the outdoor cabinets cannot prevent rain, the rainwater will enter the inside of the cabinet and cause a short circuit of the equipment, causing great losses to the equipment. Therefore, the outdoor cabinet needs to have a high However, in the arid regions of the north and west, there is a lot of sand and dust, and the fine dust enters the inside of the cabinet and blocks the equipment, which will also affect the normal operation of the equipment. This requires that the shell design of outdoor cabinet equipment should have good rain and dust resistance.


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I believe everyone is interested in “ups uninterruptible power supply? Shanghai Huijue will introduce to you a new type of mobile emergency communication base station with good performance and price. Emergency communication vehicles complete temporary emergency communication tasks, so they are called “top stations” by operators.

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