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Communication Energy Solutions

Brief introduction of Huijue Communication Energy Solution:

The energy solution of Huijue Communications can partially or completely replace diesel generators at traditional sites by utilizing renewable energy. The solution integrates power supply, battery, photovoltaic module, wind energy, oil generator, temperature control, fire protection, temperature and humidity sensor, smart lock and other components as a whole, and realizes the overall energy and environmental control of the communication site through the site management and control unit independently developed by our company. The energy solution of Huijue Communication has the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance, energy saving and low carbon, and rapid deployment. The solution has been deployed in pilot projects by multiple operators in China, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.


Highlights of Huijue Communication Energy Solutions:

  • Simple operation and maintenance, 80% OPEX reduction: By optimizing oil generators, renewable energy and energy storage systems, fossil fuels and related maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. Unified monitoring and management of site environment and energy, effectively reducing the difficulty of operation and maintenance management.
  • High efficiency, energy saving, low-carbon green: Our high-efficiency power supply system power conversion efficiency > 96%, effectively reducing energy consumption. Introduce photovoltaics, wind power, and energy storage, and cooperate with our site management and control unit to realize efficient switching of various energy forms, effectively reducing the use of fossil fuels and site carbon emissions.
  • Modularization and rapid deployment: The overall solution adopts a modular design, which can flexibly meet the application requirements of customers in various scenarios. The core components are prefabricated in the factory, enabling rapid on-site deployment.


Figure 1 Overall structure diagram of communication energy solution

Huijue new energy off-grid program pilot:

Huijue new energy solutions are widely used in communication, transportation, municipal and other industries. The company’s outdoor cabinets have a number of unique patented technologies , which can be effectively applied to various environments such as deserts, coasts, high temperatures, low temperatures, and strong winds, providing a stable operating environment for communication, monitoring, and transmission equipment. The solution integrates power supply and backup systems such as wind power, photovoltaics, energy storage, and diesel generators to help the system operate stably in special scenarios where the mains power is unstable or without mains power. The solution maximizes the use of new energy to help sites meet green energy-saving needs.

Figure 2 New energy off-grid scheme pilot site