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Communication base station energy service planning

With the rapid development of the Internet and the popularization of artificial intelligence AI technology and 5G network technology, it is imminent to speed up the construction of new infrastructure such as communication base station computer rooms and data center computer rooms; for energy Internet information collection and data transmission, not only requires high-speed data transmission on 5G networks High speed and low latency, so as to ensure the efficient two-way transmission of the entire network information data.

At the same time, as the efficiency of 5G network information transmission has been greatly improved, but the transmission distance has been shortened, 5G base stations are different from 4G base stations. The density of base stations required for 5G network networking is higher.

Consider building communication base stations in cities However, there are generally a series of problems such as difficult site selection and complex wiring, which lead to a longer period and higher investment in the construction of urban networking projects. In terms of energy consumption of communication base stations, compared with 4G communication base stations, 5G communication base stations have higher energy consumption requirements, higher density of distributed base station sites, and higher operation and maintenance costs. Closely related to power supply:

(1) Power supply transfer: The transfer of power supply for communication base stations has always been a problem in the construction of communication base stations, which is also an important reason for high electricity costs, and it is more difficult to convert power supply to direct power supply;

(2) Energy consumption measurement: The operation and maintenance of communication base stations cannot measure the power consumption of each branch, each household, and real-time line loss, etc., resulting in high power consumption of communication base stations;

(3) Apportionment of electricity charges: Telecom operators’ work on apportionment of electricity charges and apportionment of power consumption by base stations is complicated and cumbersome, which increases the corresponding management costs;

(4) Energy management: A more precise energy management system is required to realize remote online monitoring and online operation and maintenance functions, thereby reducing energy consumption and management costs;

To sum up the above, the deep integration of 5G communication technology and energy Internet can improve the speed of network information transmission in many industries, and use the high-speed intelligent communication technology of 5G Internet and artificial intelligence AI to realize efficient networking of comprehensive energy systems and improve the comprehensive energy efficiency. service quality and efficiency.