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Common equipment for power system communication

Power system communication
Provide comprehensive support for the normal operation of the power system, such as dispatching and station internal telephone, 2M and optical fiber communication. Its main function is to provide high-quality and available channels for protection, automation and other equipment for communication between stations and equipment, and to upload signals in the station to the central office.
The most commonly used equipment for power communication: patch panel. If the concept of power system is used to explain this term, it is the bus used for communication system. According to the different communication methods, it is divided into audio distribution frame, digital distribution frame and optical fiber distribution frame, the English abbreviation is VDF, DDF, ODF respectively.
Patch Panel
Audio Patch Panel (VDF)

As shown in the figure below, this is a common audio distribution frame in the station. What it does is connect devices that stream at 64k speeds.