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Cleaning of photovoltaic modules

The ever-growing photovoltaic power station is accepted by more and more enterprises and families. Photovoltaic power plants patronized by dust not only affect the power generation, but also the service life of the power plants. Although we all know that dust affects power generation, most owners can do nothing about the dust on the photovoltaic modules on the roof, and often can only let it go and wait for a rain and snow to wash away. However, if the dust is cleaned in time, the income of the power station can be improved.

Photovoltaic power plants mostly use silicon-based solar cell components, which are very sensitive to temperature. The accumulated dust on the surface of the components increases the thermal resistance of the photovoltaic components and becomes the heat insulation layer on the photovoltaic components, thus affecting the heat dissipation of the photovoltaic components .

How to clean the dust of photovoltaic modules, there are three main steps:

  1. The choice of tools, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools, first use a soft cloth or a feather duster to clean the floating dust on the surface of the component;
  2. Then carefully clean the surface of the module with water; be careful not to use too much force to prevent damage to the photovoltaic module
  3. Finally, dry the floating water on the surface with a soft cloth.

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the prohibition of stepping on photovoltaic modules during the cleaning process.

① When cleaning dust, try to avoid the best working time of the photovoltaic power station. Under high temperature and strong sunlight, the photovoltaic power station has high voltage and high current. A little carelessness will cause electric shock injury to the cleaning personnel and possible damage to the components. ,

② It is recommended to clean the modules in the early morning and evening, because the photovoltaic power station has low working efficiency and low power generation during this time, which reduces the risk of cleaning. In addition, dust removal during this period can avoid shadowing of components brought by cleaning personnel.

③ It is recommended to use a soft brush and clean and mild water to clean the glass surface of photovoltaic modules, and use less force when cleaning to avoid damage to the glass surface. If there is a coated glass module, care should be taken to avoid damage to the glass layer.

① Pay attention to the safety of photovoltaic equipment. The photovoltaic power station is supported and fixed by many brackets, pull wires and screws. When cleaning the components, be careful not to break the support balance of the power station, and damage the galvanized layer of the bracket and cause rust.

② Check whether the inverter, control box and other equipment are operating normally, whether the wiring is firm, whether the insulation performance of the line is normal, and whether there is any damage. In particular, check whether the fan of the inverter is running normally.

③ Pay attention to the safety of components. In order to eliminate the hidden danger of electric leakage, wipe with a soft cloth before cleaning, and finally dry the water droplets floating on the surface of the components to ensure the safety of the components during the cleaning process.

④Pay attention to personal safety. When cleaning, you need to pay more attention to the risk of stepping on the air or sliding down, scratches and falls.