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China Telecom works with Huawei to enrich 5GtoB industry applications and ecology to achieve scale replication

Huawei User Conference 2022 was held as scheduled during the flagship event week in Bangkok. The conference invited global ICT industry leaders and industry partners to discuss topics such as 5G network performance improvement, 5GtoB, digital-intelligent transformation, cloud network integration and so on. As one of the issues this year, 5GtoB has received a lot of attention from carrier customers and partners around the world.


Tan Hua, Director of Industrial Internet Technology Research and Development Department of China Academy of Telecommunication, Shen Chengbin, Director of Cloud Network Fusion Laboratory of China Academy of Telecommunication, Xu Minli, deputy general manager of Internet of Things Research Center of Tianyi Internet of Things Technology Co., LTD., and Sun Pengfei, manager of Huawei 5GtoB SDT, jointly made wonderful speeches, showing that all parties in the past year, The achievements of cooperation in 5GtoB.




Tan Hua said that China Telecom and Huawei, together with industry partners to jointly promote the standardization of 5G fully connected factories, to help the high-quality development of 5G+ industrial Internet. Relying on the advantages of the integration of 5G network and cloud network, China Academy of Telecommunication actively participates in 5GtoB. In the field of industrial Internet, it puts forward the 5G+ native application architecture of “end-to-end cloud network”, and carries out relevant innovative research, development and application practice together with outstanding partners in the industry in the aspects of industrial customized terminals, differentiated networks, industrial procurement and control platforms, cloud PLC applications, etc. Adhering to the concept of cooperation and opening up, China Telecom and Huawei have established the 5GtoB Joint Innovation Center to jointly tackle key problems based on 5G cloud PLC system, and jointly promote the application of 5G in industrial Internet and industrial acquisition and control system. At present, the joint innovation Center has completed the end-to-end verification of 5G+ cloud PLC scheme, and realized cloud PLC application scenarios such as manipulator, machine vision and flexible manufacturing under 5G deterministic network.


Shen Chengbin pointed out that in July 2021, China Telecom and Huawei established the industry’s first 5G OpenLab in the carrier market to build a baseline 5G industry application solution, and achieved phased results. After more than a year of development, the advanced TaaS test platform integrating 5G, terminal, edge, cloud, AI and other capability elements has been built, and four typical Use cases have been jointly incubated, including 5G+AI mobile sorting, 5G+ chemical safety management, 5G+AI automotive inspection, 5G+ remote ultrasound. Among them, the solutions for the medical industry have been introduced and promoted in many places by Health BG. 5G+AI achievements have been included in the NICES2.0 system 5G optional AI product catalog.


Xu Minli said that in September 2021, China Telecom Tianye iot and Huawei jointly build 5G industry service platform, leading 5GtoB terminal certification standards and expansion methods. China Telecom Tianye iot 5G Openlab jointly launched the “5GtoB Terminal Certification Standard 2.0” and realized mutual recognition of terminal standards. The two parties have jointly issued over 100 certified terminal partner products, 60+ certificates and 30+ certificates on CTwing Mall. Four major 5GtoB industry solutions and the content of Sanduo Cloud partner store were put into line with the telecom 5G capability Rubik’s Cube, which greatly improved the efficiency of 5G customized network expansion. The solution customization period decreased from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 days.


As 5GtoB has penetrated more and more industries and scenarios, progress has been made, as well as difficulties, Sun noted. “Standardisation is key to scale up 5GTOBs in a fragmented market.” Over the past year, Huawei has worked with partners to create 5GtoB standard components, including standardized products, product portfolios, and industry solutions. Up to now, 11 5GtoB standard components have been released. In terms of 5GtoB ecological construction, Huawei analyzed the demand of key industries such as manufacturing, mining and steel, identified 10+ typical value scenarios, promoted 60+ industrial applications to be put on the Huawei cloud market, and issued 60+ terminal certification certificates by joint operators. In terms of operational capability improvement, Huawei’s 5GtoB campus self-management platform provides functions such as topology visualization, SLA real-time monitoring, simulated dial test, and fault automatic boundary determination, helping operators to realize 5GtoB integrated operation.


The road is blocked and long, the line will come; Do not stop, the future can be. 5GtoB has attracted the attention of the industry since 2020. After three years of continuous exploration, overcoming difficulties and forging ahead, 5GTOB has gradually entered the stage of high-quality development. Huawei will work with industry/industry partners to continuously promote 5GtoB standardization, enrich industry applications and ecology, and make greater contribution to the realization of large-scale replication.