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China Telecom and China Unicom have opened a total of 990,000 5G shared base stations and 1.55 million 4G shared base stations

It is learned from China Telecom officials that China Telecom and China Unicom have opened a total of 990,000 5G shared base stations, achieving basic continuous coverage of key towns. On this basis, we continued to deepen co-construction and sharing, and opened 1.55 million 4G shared base stations.

Since September 2019, China Telecom and China Unicom have fully launched the co-construction and sharing of 5G networks. At present, the world’s first, largest and fastest 5G SA co-construction and sharing network has been built to promote new information infrastructure Construction will accelerate development along the direction of green, low-carbon and high-efficiency.

Co-construction and sharing have produced huge economic and social benefits. The two parties have saved a total of 240 billion yuan in investment, saving more than 20 billion yuan in operating costs each year, saving more than 10 billion kWh of electricity, and reducing carbon emissions by 6 million tons. The above results of co-construction and sharing, Contributed Chinese operator solutions to the global communications industry.

Deeply cultivate 5G co-construction and sharing, and contribute to China’s solutions

China Telecom is the first in the industry to propose and adhere to the independent networking SA solution, and has achieved technological breakthroughs such as high-middle-low multi-frequency coordination and FDD large-bandwidth sharing. It has provided an application demonstration for global 5G SA deployment. It has dominated more than 30 international standards in terms of network and baseband performance, and is at the forefront of global operators.

In the process of network construction, China Telecom and China Unicom have strengthened co-construction and sharing and extensive cooperation. The technical teams of both parties have deeply cultivated the new track of 5G co-construction and sharing, and continued to maintain their leading position in technology.

The two parties have jointly conquered a series of key core technologies such as the shared network architecture and shared operation of the 5G ultra-large-scale access network, and the international roaming standard architecture under the shared 5G SA core network; jointly built and shared with CCSA, GSMA, ITU, APT and other domestic and foreign standardization organizations Established relevant standard projects, led 12 international standards and 8 industry standards, obtained more than 500 authorized invention patents, and realized a major innovation in 5G networking of “one physical network, two logical networks, and N customized networks”; GSMA official Appointed to lead the compilation of 5G co-construction and sharing technical guidelines, and export Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to the world.

The biggest challenge facing the co-construction and shared network is operation. It is the top priority to ensure that the user experience and perception of both parties are consistent and the experience is good. Aiming at the problems of fair use of resources and efficient scheduling in the co-construction and shared network, the technical team took the lead in introducing blockchain technology into 5G network operations, pioneered the inter-operator blockchain BaaS alliance standard, and built the world’s first multi-operator collaborative alliance The blockchain platform realizes multi-BaaS platform collaboration, co-construction and sharing of alliance chains, cross-cloud interworking networking and security governance, and comprehensively improves the efficiency of co-maintenance, co-governance and trusted data interaction.

In addition, to solve the problem of green operation and management of 5G base stations, an AI energy-saving platform has been built through self-developed AI algorithms and energy-saving models, accumulatively managing nearly 3.75 million energy-saving sectors, covering nearly 90% of the entire network, and saving more than 5.5% of electricity every year 100 million degrees.

Continue to innovate and deepen the 5G empowerment of thousands of industries

5G comes with the mission of empowering the digital transformation of thousands of industries. China Telecom continues to explore innovative solutions for the different needs of thousands of industries in the 5G+ industrial Internet.

The first is to propose the “Super Frequency Fusion” solution. Through spectrum pooling, it solves the problem of inefficient use of scattered spectrum. It has been successfully incorporated into the 3GPP R18 standard. “The application of the world’s first 5.5G super frequency fusion in Ningbo Zhoushan Port Smart Port” won the First Prize of the 5th “Blooming Cup” First 5G Enhanced Technology Special Competition.

The second is to propose the “Super Time-Frequency Folding” scheme, which simulates FDD full-duplex through dual-carrier uplink and downlink time domain complementarity, solves the key wireless technical problems of 5G deterministic networks, and better meets the requirements of low-latency, high-reliability, The performance requirements of the extreme network with large bandwidth, the application of Zhejiang Electric Power’s super time-frequency folding technology in the smart industry is a typical case, and won the first prize in the 5G Enhanced Technology Special Competition.

The third is to propose the “Cluster DSS base station cluster-level dynamic resource sharing” scheme, which breaks through the limitations of the traditional spectrum sharing mode, and realizes dynamic spectrum resource sharing with the base station cluster as the smallest unit. The strategy within the cluster is coordinated, which greatly improves user experience and spectrum utilization. In the future, China Telecom will further closely track the new technologies of 5G NB-IOT, Redcap, and Passive-IOT Internet of Things, continuously improve the contribution of standards and specifications, continue to enhance the technical support capabilities of the network side and the terminal side, and realize multi-scenario business verification.

China Telecom disclosed at the 2022 third-quarter performance briefing held recently that the company focuses on twenty 5G industry application scenarios such as industrial vision, production site monitoring, remote equipment control, and factory intelligent logistics. The 5G ToB project maintains rapid development, benchmarking Projects were quickly replicated, with more than 2,000 new customized network projects, and a total of more than 11,000 commercial projects in the 5G industry.