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Cabinet Air conditioner Intelligent predictive power environment monitoring object

temperature control for the stable operation of electrical and electronic components in the electrical cabinet is very important, especially in the frequency conversion cabinet, starting cabinet or high temperature operation. The air conditioner itself plays the role of regulating the temperature in the cabinet, and it can not have frequent failures. Even if the failure occurs, if it can timely alarm, even before the failure can give operation and maintenance personnel a timely warning and reminder, so that it can achieve intelligent predictive operation and maintenance, which will greatly reduce the loss of the site.




  1. Lack of maintenance leads to blockage of air conditioning filter, and then the air conditioning stops running or causes copper pipe breakage, compressor damage and other secondary faults.




Outdoor equipment room 2. The ambient temperature of the air conditioner is too high. For example, on the road of an aluminum plant, the operating temperature of the air conditioner is about 60 degrees, and the ambient temperature of the road electric cabinet in the aluminum plant is sometimes higher in summer, which will cause the air conditioner to break down, and bring great safety risks to the road operation and the safety production of the aluminum plant.




  1. The three-phase power supply of the air conditioner is in reverse. If the air conditioner does not have the phase sequence protection function, the air conditioner circuit board will be burned.




  1. The energy consumption of air conditioning is too high. Air conditioning is a high-energy consuming unit in the workshop, which has huge room for improvement in cost reduction and efficiency increase of the factory.




  1. The condensate water of the air conditioner leaks due to a blocked or long drainpipe, which may cause a short circuit in the cabinet.




Outdoor equipment room 6. The cabinet is not properly sealed, resulting in a large amount of condensed water generated by the air conditioner. If the condensed water is generated in the case of excessive air pressure, it will generate flying water, which is very likely to cause electrical circuit short circuit inside the cabinet, fire and shutdown risk.




Power supply equipment. The monitoring objects of the AC power supply include voltage, current, frequency, running status, and fault status. The UPS monitors the input and output voltage, current, frequency, power factor, battery status, and bypass status of the UPS. The monitoring system can display the running status of the UPS and the main switch. Once the UPS power supply component fails or the parameters exceed the set range, the system will immediately send out an alarm. The battery monitoring objects include battery voltage, temperature, and current in static state, discharge state, and equalized charge state. If the voltage is too low, the monitoring system generates an alarm.




Air conditioning equipment. The system can monitor the air conditioning in the machine room, and realize remote control and remote communication for the air conditioning in the machine room. The remote control of air conditioning is not limited by the manufacturer and model.




Equipment room environment. The equipment room environment monitors the temperature, humidity, parameters, air quality parameters, water leakage, and lighting. In terms of temperature and humidity, the system records the values detected by each temperature and humidity sensor in real time. If the temperature and humidity exceeds the preset range, the system generates an alarm.


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