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Buried cabinet product introduction

  1. Background introduction:
  2. With the rapid development of society, various types of equipment and facilities are constantly expanding in the process of urban construction. The existing types of pole equipment and box equipment affect the appearance and environment of our city, causing great troubles to people.
  3. It is difficult to select the location of urban facilities such as poles and boxes, and the cost of land acquisition is too high; with the continuous improvement of people’s health and environmental awareness, operators also encounter more and more problems in the process of site selection and construction of mobile base stations Complaints about base station environmental protection.
  4. In order to build a beautiful urban environment and appearance, all parts of the country have begun to promote urban road renovation related projects, such as: “Technical Guidelines for Road Combination Pole Regulation in Shanghai”, “Guangzhou Smart Light Pole and Road Combination Pole Regulation Technology” Guidelines”, “Qingdao Urban Road Rods and Box Integration Technical Guidelines”, etc.


  1. Product program introduction:
  2. The buried cabinet (active type) adopts a double-layer stainless steel structure, which is divided into an inner box and an outer box;
  3. The inner box (equipment box) is designed with IP68 protection level, and the structure can be turned over;
  4. The outer box is a protective layer, which is directly in contact with the soil to protect against rain, dust, and soil into the inner box;
  5. The uppermost layer adopts beautified manhole cover, the manhole cover bearing capacity: more than 2 tons (according to the scene requirements), the lower layer is equipped with intelligent manhole cover lock, with wireless NB-IOT Internet of Things intelligent monitoring module, real-time monitoring of cabinet status/water for buried cabinets Dip and alarm, APP management;
  6. It can be applied to buried use scenarios of passive products (such as optical communication boxes);
  7. The buried cabinet adopts the characteristics of underground low-temperature environment, and the heat conduction dissipates heat to the cabinet.


  1. Product pilot application introduction:

Underground light traffic pilot project project on Luxiangyuan Road, Renmin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

According to the working spirit of the “Implementation Plan on Carrying out Road Box Renovation Work in this City” and “Technical Guidelines for Road Closed Pole Renovation in Shanghai” compiled by the Shanghai Municipal Headquarters for Elevation into the Ground and Closed Pole Remediation, the municipal government’s Housing and Construction Committee, Economics With the support of the Information Commission, our company and the Shanghai Pipeline Company jointly carried out the pilot work of intelligent buried cabinets.