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Broadband big speed increase can be expected! Optical fiber transmission rate record record: up and down the same speed without interference

Broadband to speed up, and is the same speed, you look forward to?

According to the latest research results in the journal Nature Photonics, a research team from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has made a new breakthrough in the field of silicon photonics, achieving an unprecedented 1.84 PB / s data transmission rate.

 The scientists used a single photon chip (chip-level light source) connected to the 37-core optical cable, and performed the top 1.84 petabits / s data transmission at a distance of 7.9 km.

Each of these channels is then cut into 223 data blocks by a “frequency comb” and represented at different frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. In this way, the data can be transmitted simultaneously at different frequencies without interference.

 With the new technology, scientists say they are looking forward to seeing it because it will make broadband even better.

In fact, before this, the US operators have been launching similar broadband experiments, such as the 8 gigabit broadband just launched some time ago, its upside is also equivalent to the 8 gigabit, no speed limit, and ultra-low 3ms delay.