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Brief introduction of U-shaped steel cable rack

The porous U-shaped steel cable rack is a special product developed for the computer rooms and stations of telecom operators such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Netcom, and Railcom. It is flexible and versatile, and can be applied to many situations.

The perforated U-shaped steel is like an all-rounder, it not only has the function of wiring management, but also has the function of supporting the weight of all cables. It is a necessary engineering tool for the standardization of optical fiber cable, five-category line, electric wire, cable and pipe cable.

From planning, design, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service, etc., it is flexibly designed and determined according to the actual situation of the user’s communication room, and insists on using high-quality raw materials that are stable, reliable, durable, not easy to corrode, and beautiful. Make customers improve communication, clean computer room, improve efficiency and strengthen competitive advantage.

U-shaped steel cable rack features:

(1) In line with international standards, the width is 200mm-1000mm. The cabling frame of this width can ensure the reasonable distribution of cables in the computer room, increase the aesthetics at the same time, optimize the wiring of the computer room, and provide a strong guarantee for the stability and high efficiency of the communication in the computer room.

(2) The average load-bearing capacity per meter is more than 300KG. It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, 2.0 full thickness, and has passed strict load-bearing tests, so you can use it with confidence.

(3) Wide variety. Divided into single-layer; double-layer;

(4) Flexible and changeable. The distance between the racks of the cable rack is adjustable; generally 250mm-330mm; the hanging interval is 1.5m-2m. Whether it is multi-strand optical fiber or single-strand optical fiber, it can pass through as you like. The freedom of the cable rack is to make the wiring in the equipment room more free.

(5) The cable racks in the room are painted in different colors through the plastic spraying system, and the black and white world of the computer room is thus changed. After the surface of the outdoor cable rack is hot-dip galvanized, it becomes reliable, solid and corrosion-resistant, which greatly prolongs the service life.

(6) Free and convenient installation. It can be installed on the ceiling, supported on the ground, and can also be used as a climbing ladder. The racks can be assembled on-site with common parts, which are quick to install, easy to expand, and beautiful in appearance.

(7) Adopt the world-leading non-drilling installation mode: no drilling or special tools are required, only the cable guide needs to be fixed by pinching, which is simple and convenient, thus saving a lot of labor and construction time.