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Brief introduction of armored jumper

  1. Product introduction

Armored fiber optic jumper is a new type of fiber optic jumper, it is stronger than ordinary fiber optic jumpers, does not need to use a protective sleeve, and can also be used in harsh environments. The biggest difference between this product and traditional fiber optic jumpers is that Aiming at the disadvantages that the optical fiber is easy to break and be damaged, it specially designs and produces a small flexible stainless steel sleeve to protect the optical fiber, and then adds a flame-retardant PVC coating on the outside of the sleeve to achieve functions such as moisture release and fire prevention. It can effectively reduce the construction cost, increase the service life of the optical fiber patch cord, improve the safety and stability of the entire system, and at the same time, the daily maintenance becomes simple and convenient.

  1. The difference between armored jumper and conventional jumper cable:


Three, the advantages of armored jumper

  1. It has the functions of anti-lateral pressure, anti-impact and anti-biting by rodents;
  2. It has the ability to resist improper torsional damage;
  3. It is tough and resistant, can be used in harsh environments, and has little damage to armored fiber optic jumpers;
  4. Flame-retardant PVC/LSZH/PE/PU and other outer sheaths are optional:
  5. The storage temperature of -45-85°C is suitable for most areas.

Fourth, the application of armored jumper

  1. It is suitable for direct laying of optical cables along walls, ceilings, interlayers and conduits indoors and outdoors.
  2. Indoor horizontal wiring, vertical wiring in buildings and local area network.
  3. The connection of multiple information points is recommended to be used in the occasion of direct connection with end users.
  4. Used as the tail cable of the backbone network, directly connected to the equipment in the building from the backbone network, to isolate lightning and improve system reliability.

Five, armored jumper product recommendation

  1. The fiber type can be selected: simplex single-mode, duplex single-mode, duplex multi-mode
  2. Fiber grade: G657, G652D
  3. Connector: LC/SC/FC/ST/LSH