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[ Box beautification project ] Old boxes “wear new clothes”

Recently, careful citizens will find that on various roads, a group of young people with painting pens “graffiti” on the transformer box body appeared. Under their hands, all kinds of municipal cabinets standing on the street have changed from the monotonous, gray and rusty image of the past, and transformed into “colorful clothes” with bright themes and colorful colors, becoming a beautiful landscape on the street.



In order to thoroughly study and implement the arrangement and deployment of “Welcome to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, hold the Provincial Games well, strive to create a civilized city, and display a new image”, vigorously improve the appearance of the city, and actively carry out the “Four Cleansing” action in urban public areas, the Urban Management Bureau Take the initiative and actively take the lead to beautify and transform the old boxes and cabinets on the street. As an important measure to improve the quality of urban construction, we will focus on box beautification and beautification renovation to create a fresh and beautiful street view and city appearance.





During the deployment of the special rectification work, several work meetings were held to formulate a work plan for box beautification, and a professional team was invited to carefully design various styles of painted beautification pictures around the theme of “urban civilization, urban culture, and welcoming the provincial games”, and In accordance with the principle of “who builds, who uses, who is responsible”, each box property right unit is responsible for the specific implementation of box beautification and beautification , and promotes the optimization of the city’s image.


Walking on various roads, you can see that the power supply boxes (rooms), operator distribution boxes and some traffic signals on both sides of the road have been “put on” beautiful new clothes, vivid pictures, civilized promotional slogans, and The surrounding streetscapes echo each other. In addition, five boxes that affect pedestrian traffic and pose potential safety hazards have also been removed and “hidden” into the green belt or fence to coordinate with the surrounding environment.

Through the “micro-renovation and refined construction” of the beautification of the box, the organic renewal of the city has been promoted in an orderly manner. The old weak current cabinets on both sides of the main roads in the city have been transformed into colorful graffiti cabinets, and urban culture and civilization. street propaganda corner. “These cabinets looked too monotonous before, and the visual sense was not so good, but they look better now.” Some painted vivid pictures of sports elements, and some painted public welfare such as the creation of civilized cities and socialist core values. The pattern, which complements the adjacent blocks, has attracted praise from the citizens.

Improving the quality of the urban environment is a huge project with many points and a wide range. The District Urban Management Bureau will continue to focus on the small things, make up for the shortcomings and strengths, and continue to create a livable and happy urban environment for the people of Jianyang.