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BBU-RRU optical fiber remote CWDM transmission scheme


With the rapid development of 5G services, based on the construction of C-RAN base station transmission mode, the consumption of optical fiber resources between BBU-RRU is huge. Utilization rate; use ANDTEL CWDM CM1000/8 passive coarse wavelength division multiplexing equipment to complete the remote transmission of multiple RRUs (this solution takes 4 RRUs as an example);

  • Scheme Connection Topology

  • System Deployment Instructions

Add a CM1000/8 ANDTEL passive 8 -wavelength coarse wavelength division multiplexing device on the side of the BBU computer room, and connect 4 CPRI optical interfaces on the channel boards of the two BBUs (including three 10Gbps optical interfaces of 4G BBU and 2G BBU One of the 6Gbps optical interface) module is replaced by a CWDM optical module (color optical module) and then connected to CM1000/8 equipment, and after multiplexed by CM1000/8 equipment, it is output through the COM port (the COM port will use an optical core to communicate with the remote COM port connection of CM1000/8 CWDM passive equipment)

Add a CM1000/8 ANDTEL passive 8 -wave coarse wavelength division multiplexing device on the RRU side (building/base station/ fiber distribution box) . This device completes the optical signal transmitted from the BBU computer room side and performs demultiplexing. , Re-decompose the 4-way optical signal and connect it to the RRU device. At the same time, the optical module on the RRU should be replaced with a CWDM module (color optical module) to complete the remote transmission of the BBU-RRU and improve the utilization rate of the optical cable.

The 1, 2, and 3 interfaces of the CM1000/8 passive wavelength division device on the BBU side are connected to the three color light modules of the 4G BBU, and the fourth interface is connected to the color light module of the 2G BBU. The 2 and 3 ports are connected to three 4G RRU color light modules, and the 4th port is connected to a 2G RRU color light module.