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Battery Installation Requirements in Outdoor Base Stations

With the increasing application of outdoor base stations, communication equipment has an obvious demand for battery backup capacity. When building outdoor base stations, it is necessary to consider which appropriate installation method for batteries should be selected? For example, is the battery installed horizontally? Or vertical installation? Several layers of architecture are used to install a series of installation problems such as battery placement, and corresponding solutions are required for these problems.

First of all, it is best to use horizontal storage for high-sized batteries . If the battery is installed vertically and placed for a long time, the electrolyte inside the battery will easily stratify. After a long period of vertical storage, the battery will automatically The discharge phenomenon is serious, which seriously shortens the service life of the battery ; therefore, when installing a high-sized battery, it is recommended to choose a horizontal horizontal installation, so as to avoid electrolyte stratification during the use of the battery and prolong the service life of the battery.

Secondly, for low-type batteries , it is best to use vertical storage. When the battery is installed vertically and placed for a long time, the electrolyte inside the battery is not easy to stratify, and vertical storage will effectively reduce the possibility of battery leakage. ; Therefore, when installing a low-profile battery, it is recommended to choose to install it vertically, so as to prolong the service life of the battery.

In addition, when installing the battery, factors such as the installation area and ground load need to be considered. For example, the installation area of the battery adopts two-story, four-story and eight-story installation methods. If the ground load permits, choose the four-story or eight-story method. The installation can save the occupied area; for the situation where there is enough area but the ground load-bearing capacity is poor, it is advisable to adopt the two-story installation. Therefore, the important factors when installing the battery include the following:

  • Installation area:

The battery installation should reserve space for installation and maintenance according to the actual situation .

  • Installation load:

According to the load-bearing requirements of the design, select the appropriate number of layers and placement .

  • Outgoing way:

There are two ways of outlet at one end and outlet at both ends to choose from.

Based on the above, the user can consider the installation form of the battery according to the specific application scenario, so as to ensure that the battery is installed in a good operating environment and the backup power function of the communication equipment.