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Base station supporting outdoor cabinet product introduction

The supporting outdoor cabinet of the base station is directly under the influence of the climate and is made of metal or non-metallic materials. It allows the operator to enter the room for operation. It is a kind of integrated main equipment, system power supply, AC and DC power distribution, monitoring equipment, and heat dissipation equipment. , battery, power generation equipment (wind/solar/oil generator) and lightning protection grounding, and provide an outdoor working environment and safety management integrated cabinet for the base station, mainly used in outdoor, roof, street, mountain, along the railway and high , low temperature environment and other outdoor scenarios to meet customers’ needs in energy saving and emission reduction, rapid deployment , and multi-scenario adaptation, and can be used in communications, radio and television, electric power, transportation, IT and other industries.

overall load-bearing structure of the cabinet meets the requirements of the self-weight of the cabinet and the installation of communication equipment. The load-bearing capacity of the battery mounting frame is ≥350 kg/layer, and the load-bearing capacity of other equipment mounting frames is ≥10kg / U .

a uniform load of ≥0.5 kN/m2 .

When the outdoor cabinet is fully loaded with equipment, the shock resistance meets YD/T 5083 Relevant provisions of “Code for Seismic Performance Testing of Telecommunications Equipment”.

It can avoid direct contact between the internal metal structure and the external environment and reduce heat conduction.

Through reasonable structural design, the effect of dustproof and waterproof is achieved.

cabinet body ( except the antenna feeder installation bracket) has no components that can be directly disassembled from the outside and affect safety and use.

When there is a need for capacity expansion, it can be realized by combining cabinets.

The height of the base of the outdoor cabinet shall not be less than 150mm , and baffles shall be installed around the base to prevent animals from invading. The height of the base of the outdoor cabinet is adjusted according to the actual situation of the on-site survey. Generally, the installation base is not lower than 300 mm . In flood-prone areas, the height of the base can be set at 1000 mm to 1500 mm to prevent flood damage.


Base station supporting outdoor cabinet configuration includes: antenna, embedded switching power supply, battery, ODF, power environment monitoring, smart lock, smart power distribution, air conditioning temperature control equipment, BBU, RRU, transmission equipment, etc.;