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At present, home broadband is basically fiber-to-the-home

At present, home broadband is basically fiber-to-the-home. Considering that there will be computers, mobile phones, smart home appliances and other devices that need to be connected to the Internet, and IPTV services may be opened, network wiring is very important. The following Beijing Broadband will share with you the valuable experience of netizens.

The network cable must be pre-buried, and the optical fiber must be pre-buried

After the optical fiber enters the home, it can be connected to the network cable after the optical cat is converted. Therefore, in the home network wiring project, the network cable must be pre-buried. At present, home broadband basically starts at 100M, and both Cat5e and Cat6 network cables can support gigabit network transmission.

Considering future upgrades, the author recommends using Category 6 network cables. After all, decoration wiring is a hidden project, and it is more troublesome to replace the network cables later. Once the line pipe is pressed during decoration, the network cable cannot be pulled out.

In addition, optical fiber transmission is a major trend. Especially now TVs, as well as speakers, are still optical interfaces. To this end, several optical fibers can also be pre-buried in advance to lay the foundation for future home entertainment.

Make a wiring plan according to your needs

When pre-buying network cables, you must first figure out your own needs. For example, whether the bedroom needs a network cable, whether the TV uses IPTV service or traditional cable TV.

It is recommended that you: connect one network cable to all bedrooms. If Wifi cannot be covered, install AP or secondary router directly. Another key point is, is the router a weak battery? Or the TV cabinet in the living room?

The light cat can be placed in the weak current box. Usually, there is basically no maintenance. The router is recommended to be placed in the TV cabinet in the living room.

Since the weak current box is made of metal, it has strong shielding properties for Wifi signals. In addition, the space of the weak current box is small, and the cat and the router are released at the same time, and the heat dissipation is not good. If the temperature is too high, the optical modem and router will restart, and the broadband will be dropped frequently.

After the light cat is placed in the weak current box, 3 network cables are directly connected to the TV cabinet in the living room, one for IPTV service, the other for Internet access, and the other for spare. Then, the nets are laid separately from the living room to the bedrooms.

If the bathroom or kitchen needs to install smart appliances, it is recommended that the bathroom and kitchen also pull a network cable. If the Wifi in the living room cannot cover the bathroom or kitchen, you can directly expand it with an AP or a wireless router.

Home Network Cabling Considerations

After the network cable is pre-buried, interface processing is critical. It is best to use a network panel. Although it is convenient to pull the network cable out of the wall to connect to the crystal head, it is too unsightly.

In addition, when the network cable is pre-buried, it must be comprehensively considered. For example, in places like the study room, two network cables can be connected. After all, many families have two computers. Pre-buried network cables, more than less, after all, the later wiring will destroy the decoration.