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Application of multi-functional street lamps in Fengcheng Industrial Park, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Huijue multi-function intelligent rod application case

Recently, Shanghai Huijue in Shanghai Fengxian District Fengxian Industrial Park of 30 sets of intelligent multi-functional rod installation successfully completed!

The multi-functional pole of Fengxian Industrial Park is dismantled and reinstalled at the point of the original street lamp pole. Combined with the product development trend and application scenarios, it can be regarded as another small step in the construction and development of smart city.

Product name: Multi-function intelligent lever

Quantity provided: 30 sets

Product rendering diagram and the detailed product parameters:

Product technical parameters:

Pole body information:

1. The total height of the rod body is 10 meters, the main rod is 200 * 200 * 5mm square pipe, the bottom is the equipment warehouse, 350 * 350 * 5mm square pipe, the material is Q235B. Top flange is reserved for installing 5G antenna flange holes.

2. Display screen: P4, display size: 512 * 1024mm, single side display, use the environment outdoor, screen color full color, point spacing of 4mm

· Pixel density of 62,500 D o t s

· Pixels constitute 1R1G1B

· Tube package SMD2020

· Modulus resolution: 64 * 32

· Module size is 256*128*14.6;320*160*18.3mm

· Scan mode 1 / 16 scan

· Drive mode dynamic cross-flow drive

· luminance 6000

· Best visual distance is 4m

· Maximum current is 3.4A

· Maximum power consumption is 467W / m²

· Visual Angle horizontal 140° vertical 130°

· Control mode: synchronous control or asynchronous control

· Service life of 100,000 hours.

3. The monitoring cross-arm is 2 meters long and the height is 6.5 meters.



Product physical picture:


Product installation location:



The batch of multi-functional intelligent lever with 5G base station, intelligent lighting, video monitoring, environmental monitoring, wireless network, information release, emergency broadcast and other functions, at the same time can realize convenient mobile phone charging, manhole cover lost alarm, trash can full alarm application scenarios, and for wisdom city management, intelligent traffic related loading equipment reserved interface, gradually mount equipment access management platform, unified management, unified operations, realize information sharing.

The effect of the project has been recognized by the government and praised by the society.

The light pole is changing, the era is changing, the same is the excellent quality of Huijue products and Huijue ” committed to become the network link industry leader!”A good vision.