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Application of battery in outdoor base station

With the increasing application of outdoor base stations, communication equipment has an obvious demand for battery backup capacity. At the same time, battery failures in harsh application environments have gradually become prominent ; aiming at the application scenarios of batteries in harsh environments , in-depth understanding and analysis of battery failure causes , and constantly The updated new technology is applied to the R&D and manufacturing of batteries to improve the overall performance of the battery, ensure the reliability of the whole battery, reduce the mean working time between failures , and realize the maintenance-free of the battery .

battery is used in harsh outdoor environments, and the performance characteristics of the battery should be considered to protect it. In particular, the ambient temperature has a great impact on the life and capacity of the battery. First of all , the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the service life of the battery. When the ambient temperature is 25 degrees higher than the design life of the battery, the service life will be shortened by half for every 10 degrees of temperature increase . Secondly , the discharge times and discharge depth of the battery directly affect the service life of the battery . The more discharge times and the deeper the discharge depth, the battery The shorter the service life of the battery ; the combination of the above shows that frequent power outages and high temperature environments will reduce the service life of the battery.

In order to reduce the impact of ambient temperature and grid conditions on the service life of the battery, key considerations should be taken when constructing equipment rooms or cabinets for outdoor base stations. Usually, operators are unable to improve grid conditions or the cost of improving grid conditions is too high to bear; therefore, choose a suitable The heat dissipation method is used to reduce the working environment temperature of the battery, so as to improve the service life of the battery.

The traditional heat dissipation methods for outdoor machine rooms or cabinets are fan direct ventilation or heat exchangers, but neither of these two methods can make the internal temperature lower than the outdoor ambient temperature; for application scenarios of batteries in high temperature areas , active heat dissipation is required. Make the ambient temperature of the outdoor battery lower than the outdoor ambient temperature . In this high-temperature base station application scenario, the air conditioner can be used to realize the heat dissipation function, and it can also achieve a high protection level of the entire system to avoid direct entry of dust, water mist, etc. Achieve a better environment, ensure the performance of the battery and prolong its service life.