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Anti-theft measures for Shanghai Huijue outdoor cabinets

At present, in addition to expensive equipment, domestic communication base stations are also responsible for the normal operation of the network. Once they are damaged, they will suffer heavy losses. In order to adapt to the rapid development of communication, strengthen competitiveness, improve labor productivity and network maintenance level, and promote maintenance The deepening reform of the system urgently needs to solve the problem of communication environment monitoring and security.

  1. Suggestions for the anti-theft program:

The anti-theft work of communication equipment is carried out around “physical defense” and “technical defense”, as follows:

2.1 Anti-theft: Take anti-theft measures for the stolen target object to increase the fastening degree of the stolen target, increase the difficulty of anti-theft, and improve the safety factor.

2.1.1 Anti-theft fence: For areas where theft is more serious, it is necessary to add an anti-theft fence around the outdoor cabinet. The anti-theft fence is made of high-strength steel, and the structure design uses special installation tools and anti-theft locks, which can further improve the anti-theft level of the entire cabinet. The anti-theft fence fixture adopts special-shaped anti-theft screws with independent mold opening, and cooperates with special anti-theft tools to ensure that the outside cannot be disassembled. As shown below:


2.1.2 Door lock: The door is the first line of defense against theft of the outdoor cabinet itself. The anti-theft capability of the door lock directly affects the success rate of anti-theft. Huijue outdoor cabinets adopt electronic locks with high anti-theft performance. The electronic lock (electronic lock cylinder) can be connected to the DO and DI interfaces of the FSU (dynamic environment monitoring system) to receive the unlocking action of the FSU (DO interface, relay normally open output, generally Relay RELAY3); the unlocking state of the electronic lock can be connected to the DI interface of the FSU to realize remote control and detection of the electronic lock through the FSU.

The electronic lock (electronic lock cylinder) can be inserted into the electronic lock cylinder through the electronic key or Bluetooth electronic key to open the authorized electronic lock when the FSU is powered off or disconnected. The electronic lock (electronic lock cylinder) has sound and light prompts. When the FSU unlock action is received, the light flashes and the buzzer prompts to inform that the lock can be unlocked.

Electronic locks (electronic lock cylinders) use electronic lock cylinders instead of commonly used mechanical lock cylinders for better management of electronic locks. The lock number of the electronic lock cylinder is composed of 4-byte hexadecimal numbers, and the number of lock numbers can reach 4294967296.

The default lock number is when leaving the factory. Each user can plan their own lock number, such as mass production, the planned lock number can be compiled by the manufacturer at the factory. Users can also plan the electronic locks belonging to a certain area to make them incompatible with other areas.

At this time, users can define the user key of this area before installation to divide the electronic locks in different areas. Even if the lock numbers are the same, they cannot be opened. . The electronic lock of this layout can reach the power of 2 of 4294967296. The electronic lock (electronic lock cylinder) can be opened with an electronic key, or it can be opened with a Bluetooth electronic key.