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Analysis of core components of PLC optical splitter

Analysis of core components of PLC optical splitter

The interior consists of an optical splitter chip and an optical fiber array coupling at both ends. The chip uses semiconductor technology to grow a layer of light splitting waveguide on a quartz substrate, and the chip has an input end and N output end waveguides. Then, the input and output fiber arrays are respectively coupled at both ends of the chip, and the casing is sealed to form an optical splitter with one input and N outputs. There are three types of packages: bare fiber type, PVC box type, and rack type.


Low insertion loss and low polarization dependent loss (PDL), all wavelengths (1260-1650nm),

High shunt, low cost (up to 32, 64 shunts), high reliability, small size,

Wide operating temperature range to Telcordia GR1209/1221 standards

Planar waveguide optical power splitter module is used in fiber to the home (FTTH), optical communication system, PON network, fiber CATV, fiber LAN, etc. It has low insertion loss, high return loss, low PDL, good uniformity, and high reliability. The advantages of stability and stability .