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Ambient temperature Lightning protection and grounding requirements for the equipment room in summer

With the construction of a new generation of data center, network, servers, storage and other basic equipment further, it puts forward new requirements on the basis of the data center environment, the internal temperature of the summer room equipment and cabinets so will rise, the stand or fall of heat dissipation can directly affect the normal work of the company, if not handled properly may make chassis cabinets is paralyzed, In order to ensure the normal work of the network server equipment, it is necessary to adopt a certain cooling method. The traditional way to cool the cabinet is to heat the cabinet through the electric fan to achieve the cooling effect. Most cabinets use compressed air to cool the cabinet.




Its principle is the original compressed air flow through the scroll tube after the outdoor room into cold, hot two streams of air flow, hot gas flow through the scroll tube exhaust device with slightly higher pressure discharge, cool air flow through the shunt into the hot part of the chassis, reduce and stable network cabinet internal temperature, and the outside air will not enter the chassis.




With the low-cost, reliable scroll tube cooler as the core component, the screen cabinet cooler can reduce the temperature of compressed air by 45 degrees. Cool air flow through the shunt into the hot parts in the cabinet together to form a positive pressure in the cabinet, so that the outside air can not enter, the network cabinet for effective cooling and purification.




Cabinet air conditioner service object is electrical, electronic or mechanical components, rather than people, and can set too high, so the set temperature at 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, general acquiescence outdoor room temperature of 35 ℃, and electrical components for wind speed, noise, without demand, actually bigger air flow can reduce electrical components contained in some of the heat island phenomena, help to heat dissipation of electrical components. In addition to the outdoor cabinet, most of the other cabinets are indoors, and some of the production environment is messy, with high temperature, high humidity, high dust, and even oil or corrosion gas and other bad conditions. Especially high temperature, high dust phenomenon, relatively more widespread.




Cabinets are easy to overlook. At present, liquid-cooled (or water-cooled) cabinets are the most discussed topic. A more accurate description is cabinets with liquid-cooled doors. High-density server deployment is inevitable for the construction and development of data centers. Therefore, the heat dissipation problem caused by the outdoor room should be paid high attention to. A small cabinet, containing huge mystery.




Electrostatic, surge protection, and grounding requirements




(1) The floor or ground in the main equipment room and auxiliary areas should be equipped with ESD discharge measures and grounding structures. The surface resistance or volume resistance of the ESD floor or ground should range from 2.5 x 104 to 1.0 x 109 ohm. The ESD floor or ground should have fire resistance, environmental protection, pollution resistance and wear resistance.




(2) The lightning protection and grounding design of the electronic information system room shall meet the requirements of personal safety and the normal operation of the electronic information system, and shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards.




(3) Protective grounding and functional grounding should share a set of grounding devices, and its grounding resistance should be determined according to the minimum value.


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