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Advantages of using branch jumper assemblies

The branch jumper is a kind of optical cable assembly, one end is a multi-core MTP connector, and the other end is a branch with an outer sheath equipped with a single-core or double-core LC connector.

Advantages of using branch jumper assemblies:

The branch jumper occupies less space in the cabinet and has better vertical management than the traditional jumper. The branch at one end of the 12-core branch jumper is far smaller than the jumper with the same number of cores.

Breakout jumpers provide a neat, high-density approach to high-density switch port duplication, which reduces the risk of damaged or faulty switch ports.

Branch patch cords provide staggered LC branches that can be used to match the network ports of electronic equipment, including engineering customization, to provide seamless integration between wiring infrastructure and electronic equipment.

Reduces cable congestion for LAN and storage networks; improves airflow for increased cooling and makes moves, adds and changes easier (mac).

Benefits of using MTP-LC breakout jumpers:

When designing a network system, it is very important to plan the structured cabling in advance. Our goal is to address current network needs and adapt to future developments. A structured cabling system can flexibly handle the usual tasks of performing moves, additions or changes to the infrastructure as the network grows. Using MTP-LC breakout jumpers in high-density LAN or storage switches can help you improve structured cabling.