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ABB joins hands with Huijue to enter the digital power industry

MDmax switchgear is a new generation of modular switchgear produced by our company (Shanghai Huijue) authorized by ABB. The maximum current of the device (ordinary type) is 4000A, which can be widely adapted to various power supply and distribution needs, and complies with EN60439-1 and IEC439-1 standards. MDmax switchgear can provide a complete structural solution for the power distribution control system.

These standardized, generalized and highly systematized accessories can fully meet various types of application requirements in the market; including technical standards related to power distribution or control systems, electrical and mechanical characteristics requirements, protection level requirements, etc. It can even be installed on site.

MDmax switchgear is a new series of frames developed by ABB based on years of design and manufacturing experience. It has the advantages of strong interchangeability of parts, few types of accessories, simple and fast assembly, etc. So it is very popular among customers. MDmax switchgear has a new type of double T profile, tee piece and multi-sided groove busbar structure.

MDmax series can be composed of floor-standing, wall-mounted and other structures; whether it is equipped with miniature circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers or frame circuit breakers, MDmax provides highly standardized accessories to achieve various internal partitions: busbar area , The equipment area and the cable area are isolated from each other, and the incoming and outgoing lines are arranged flexibly, and can be arranged as a front maintenance or rear maintenance system according to needs.

MDmax switchgear is combined into functional units according to the characteristics of electrical components such as ABB’s MegamaxF, Emax and IsomaxS. Common structure and flexible assembly: K-shaped profiles meet the requirements of various structural forms, protection levels and use environments.

Standard modules: can be composed of standard units for protection, operation, conversion, control, etc., and the module structure can be assembled at will. Safety protection: The isolation between areas and the mutual isolation between the incoming and outgoing lines of functional units are adopted to effectively enhance the safety protection performance.

High technical performance: The main technical parameters are at a relatively high level as a whole. Compression site: a site with a high degree of standardization, generalization and serialization of structural parts, and storage and transportation of compressible prefabricated parts. The device is convenient and does not require special complicated tools.