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a new type of mobile emergency communication base station

Shanghai Huijue will introduce to you a new type of mobile emergency communication base station with good performance and price ratio. Because it can replace the existing base station with insufficient distribution or replace the faulty base station, it can also replace the emergency communication vehicle to complete temporary emergency communication tasks. , so it is called “top station” by operators.

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The UPS and the entire power supply system centered on it are the core part of satisfying the power supply quality of the data center. If the power supply system causes voltage instability, instantaneous or long-term interruption of power supply due to its own reasons or natural disasters, it will cause the information system to go down. And the battery is one of the important components in the whole system, and it is the “last barrier” to ensure the stable operation of the whole power supply system.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet and computer technology, information systems have been given more and more important tasks in enterprises, and they need to provide support for various business activities of enterprises 25 hours a day. Therefore, enterprises put forward higher-level requirements for the security and reliability of data centers. concept

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The cabinet body has the functions of power monitoring and temperature control monitoring. It monitors the AC power distribution, DC power distribution, temperature in the cabinet and air conditioner status in the cabinet, and reports the information of each component to the dynamic environment monitoring (FSU) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Eliminate equipment problems in time, greatly improving the service life and operation and maintenance efficiency of the cabinet.



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