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A new type of DC shunt state monitoring circuit comes out

Recently, the embedded power supply system with the function of “separately monitoring the status of each DC branch circuit breaker” developed by the product department of Huijue Network has passed the performance test and will be put on the market soon. This function helps customers to remotely monitor the working status of the DC shunt of the power system and improve the safety and reliability of the system.

For a long time, the status monitoring of DC distribution shunt switches has not received sufficient attention, which is closely related to the cost factor of circuit breakers and backward detection technology. Generally, there are two configurations of rail-mounted molded case miniature circuit breakers-with signal contact accessories and non-signal contact accessories. This accessory can effectively output the dry contact signal of the conduction state of the circuit breaker through mechanical interlocking, and the user can directly judge the state of the circuit breaker through this signal, but this accessory also has a fatal flaw: it increases the installation thickness of the miniature circuit breaker, and the cost The price has increased significantly. Auxiliary contact mounting accessories cost even more than a 1P 32 Amp miniature circuit breaker. These factors are not conducive to the wide use of this accessory, even in the communication power supply system with high safety requirements, if the customer does not make special requirements, it will not be configured. Manufacturers often use an inexpensive alternative to detect the on-off status of miniature circuit breakers.

The method is to connect one section of a signal line and the negative terminal of the load (the positive ground of the communication DC power system) to the output terminal of the circuit breaker, and at the same time connect the other end to the anode of a diode, and the cathode of the diode is connected to multiple The diode of the other circuit breaker is connected, and it is judged whether a circuit breaker has tripped through the diode cathode signal. Although this method is simple, it can also determine whether the distribution circuit breaker has been disconnected. However, this method has a defect that is difficult to overcome, that is, it has certain prerequisites for its effectiveness. First of all, the shunt cannot be unloaded, and it cannot be judged when it is unloaded; secondly, it cannot be judged under extremely light loads. Moreover, it cannot judge the status of each shunt separately.

In response to this problem, Huijue Network Products Department has developed a new set of DC shunt circuit breaker status monitoring circuit, which realizes the independent on-off detection of each shunt under various load conditions. The device is divided into a load shunt monitoring circuit and a battery shunt monitoring circuit, and after transmitting the signal to the power control unit, it can conveniently realize remote real-time monitoring of the DC power distribution shunt. The important point is that the detection device is low in cost, and the cost of each monitoring device is less than 1 RMB. The method has completely independent intellectual property rights and has applied for a national patent. All communication power supply products of Huijue Network can use this device in the future