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Differences between optical fiber cable distribution boxes

The fiber optic cable distribution box and the FTTH fiber optic cable distribution box are the same type, but they are called differently. Optical fiber distribution boxes are used to distribute optical fiber line signals.

Optical fiber distribution box (ODB for short) is suitable for the wiring connection between optical cable and optical communication equipment. Through the adapter in the distribution box, the optical signal is drawn out with the optical jumper to realize the optical wiring function. It is suitable for the protective connection of optical cables and distribution pigtails, and is also suitable for the use of optical fiber termination points in optical fiber access networks.

: The box body is made of SMC composite material, high-quality cold-rolled sheet, PC alloy or ABS fuel-resistant production.

According to different regional environments, the corresponding material of the box is used to make the communication signal loss reach the transmission speed.

Optical fiber distribution box is an interface device used to connect trunk optical cable and distribution optical cable outdoors, in corridors or indoors.

Optical fiber distribution box is an important wiring device used as an optical branch point, which is developed and designed for different scenarios such as first-level or second-level splitting in FTTH construction.

This product is used to connect the distribution optical cable with the user’s butterfly-shaped home optical cable through the optical splitter, so as to realize the opening of the user’s FTTH service. It is an important optical access point device in the ODN network.

GFX-16D 1 point 16/32/64 optical splitter box Main features: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, electrostatic spraying outdoor waterproof powder door lock adopts high-quality outdoor waterproof lock, the box is mounted on the wall

Operating temperature: -30°C~+60°C, storage temperature -40°C~+60°C

1 point 16/32/64 optical splitter box has a temporary pigtail storage area to support the management of various optical fiber connectors,

Such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ, etc. front operation, installation is quick and convenient

  1. 16 cores are equipped with 2 standard slot for chip splitter, can install two 1:4/1:8 chip splitters, or one 1:16 chip splitter
  2. 32 cores are equipped with 4 standard slot-mounted chip splitters, which can install four 1:4/1:8 chip splitters, or two 1:16 chip splitters
  3. 64 cores are equipped with 8 installation slots for standard chip splitters, which can install eight 1:4/1:8 chip splitters, or four 1:16 chip splitters
  4. Under the condition that the form and thickness of the chassis are consistent, the optical fiber splicing tray supports 6 pieces, which can meet any form of connection in the construction process.

GFX-32D name model specification weight function 16/24 core fiber splitter box GFX-16D 350*300*100mm 4.8KG

Can install OLC splitter 32/48 core fiber splitter box GFX-32D 450*300*100mm 6.0KG Can install OLC splitter

64/72 core fiber splitter box GFX-64D 450*350*130mm 7.8KG can install OLC splitter fiber optic cable splitter box

This product is made of engineering plastic flame retardant ABS and polycarbonate material mixed by high temperature injection molding, and has the reputation of alloy steel in plastic. With a unique design, the box can be opened and closed flexibly and has good protection performance. At the same time, it takes into account the functions of waterproof, dustproof and anti-theft.