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152 core MODF optical fiber main distribution frame promise guarantee

Functional performance of MODF optical fiber main distribution frame—— MODF optical fiber main distribution frame | integrated container frame | integrated distribution frame | integrated distribution cabinet | Integrated pallet | MDF, ODF, DDF unit boards produced by our company can be flexibly configured in the pallet to form an integrated wiring cabinet, providing ideal wiring equipment for remote offices and module offices of the communication network. DDF digital distribution frame (cabinet) ODF optical fiber distribution frame (cabinet) MDF general distribution frame (cabinet) copper cable wiring has everything, quality assurance!

Shanghai Huijue  Communication specializes in the production of various DDF digital distribution frames, patch panels, jumper frames, network accessories, etc. It has the advantages of complete varieties, high output and superior performance indicators.

Brief Introduction of MODF Optical Fiber Main Distribution Frame

Patch frame core count: 1440 cores

Number of splitter cores: 90 1:8 chip splitters can be inserted

Shanghai Huijue supports all kinds of customized optical fiber distribution frames, and the price is favorable. You are welcome to buy and the product quality is guaranteed.

This patch panel can be used as a three-in-one and has a wide range of uses.

  1. The cabinet adopts 19” inch standard installation, which is divided into two types: optical fiber distribution cabinet (GPX72-2200) / optical fiber distribution cabinet (GPX72-2000).
  2. Equipped with our company’s push-pull fusion integration unit, and optional transfer wiring unit and centralized fusion unit (see the back of the unit body)
  3. The panel can be easily adjusted to achieve up and down cable feeding; reliable feeding device and fiber core protection device.
  4. The configuration capacity is large, and there is a strong wiring space.

In order to adapt to the integration of triple play and the promotion of FTTx, Shanghai Huijuehas launched FTTX optical distribution network solutions from the central office to the user’s desktop. The products mainly include optical cable junction box, optical fiber distribution box, optical fiber distribution box, optical cable distribution box, optical cable splice box, optical cable terminal box, cold connector, quick connector, optical fiber jumper, distribution optical cable, leather cable, City wiring optical cables, passive devices, line auxiliary facilities, etc.

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